Wage Payroll Positions


The following positions are available only to students enrolled at Penn State Behrend. These positions do not require Federal or State Work-Study.

Computer Center

Student Consultant - Help students and faculty with computer-related problems (both hardware and software) and help maintain computer equipment and inventory. Due to the length of the training process, students of fourth semester or lower standing are preferred. Contact Todd Say at jts12@psu.edu or 814-898-6410 for more information.


Mathematics Graders - The Mathematics Department seeks students with strong academic credentials, particularly in Math 140 and above who are honest, reliable, timely, accurate, and can communicate well with their supervising math faculty members. A grader's duties include grading homework and quizzes as directed by his or her supervising mathematics faculty member. Graders are usually hired each semester during the first week of classes. To apply or to update your information, please fill out this form. Please direct questions to Michelle Previte at 814-898-6991 or MichellePrevite@psu.edu.

Housing and Food Services

Bruno's has various positions available between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m., starting at $8 per hour. Contact the Housing and Food Service Office at 814-898-6355 or bdhfsscheduler@psu.edu.

Catering attendants work setting up, serving, and clearing for events, starting at $8 per hour with merit increases. Contact Sara Hollobaugh at 814-898-6358 or sji109@psu.edu.

Dobbins has various positions during breakfast, lunch or dinner meal times, starting at $8 per hour. Contact the Housing and Food Service Office at 814-898-6355 or bdhfsscheduler@psu.edu.

Intramural Office

Intramural officiating positions - Must have a good understanding of the rules for the particular sport: softball, volleyball, flag football, basketball. Contact Rob Wittman at 814-898-6280 or rww3@psu.edu.

Maintenance and Operations

Groundskeeper - Perform a variety of light maintenance and landscaping duties to maintain the buildings and grounds of Penn State Behrend. Work includes operation of small power tools, some light construction projects, and snow shoveling. Supervision of all work. Contact Melanie Lee at 814-898-6288 or mat3@psu.edu.

Student Affairs

Resident Assistants - These positions are not technically classified as wage payroll positions, but students who work as Resident Assistants do receive funding toward room and board charges and a small tuition stipend. Click here for more details.


Peer Tutors - Assist current Behrend students in writing, mathematics, or other subjects as qualified. Regularly scheduled hours are available as well as by appointment (based on student demand). Contact Angela Savelli at 814-898-6140 or aes17@psu.edu