Computer Science Minor


The Computer Science minor is designed to allow students in any Behrend major to establish a strong conceptual framework in computer science, so they can apply computer science methods and techniques to their primary field of study. Computing has become a critical aspect of most disciplines. This minor provides students with the opportunity to develop computing expertise which can then be applied to their field of study, thus enhancing job placement opportunities after graduation or better preparing the student to pursue graduate work in computing intensive sub-disciplines of their major.

Students begin by taking a course in computer programming (CMPSC 122); a course in discrete math for computer science (CMPSC 360); a course in software design (CMPSC 221 or SWENG 311); and a course in data structures and algorithms (CMPSC 465). These 12 credits are followed with an additional 6 credits of 400-level work in computer science (CMPSC).

(Please note that Math 140 (or Math 110) is a corequisite for CMPSC 121, so students whose majors do not require Math 140 must be sure to schedule it in place of or in addition to the math courses required by their majors.)