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Name Title Phone Email Office
Balaji Rajagopalan, Ph.D. Director and Toudy Chair 
in Entrepreneurship & Innovation
814-898-6173 bur14@psu.edu 281E Burke
Laurel Brown Professional Development Coordinator 814-898-6686 ljb29@psu.edu 280A Burke
Amanda Eller Administrative Support Assistant 814-898-6560 ale19@psu.edu 281 Burke
Grace Martin Administrative Support Assistant 814-898-6716 gmm26@psu.edu 281 Burke
Stacey McCoy Administrative Support Assistant 814-898-6168 sqm2@psu.edu 281 Burke
Roberta Peters Administrative Support Coordinator 814-898-6173 rcp12@psu.edu 281 Burke
Alice Puzarowski Administrative Support Assistant 814-898-6200 alg135@psu.edu 281 Burke




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Name Title Phone Email Office
Adzima, Kerry A., Ph.D Associate Professor of Economics 814-898-6096 kak38@psu.edu 276 Burke
Bestoso, Mark W., M.B.A. Lecturer in Business 814-898-6258 mwb5@psu.edu 281G Burke
Bicen, Pelin, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Marketing 814-898-6710 pxb40@psu.edu 272 Burke
Boscaljon, Brian L, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Finance 814-898-6433 blb30@psu.edu 278 Burke
Brown, Charles A, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Accounting 814-898-6432 cab51@psu.edu 290 Burke
Brown, Michael E, Ph.D. Professor of Management 814-898-6324 meb239@psu.edu 266 Burke
Brown, Randy C, Lecturer in Management 814-898-6042 rcb22@psu.edu 229 Burke
Caliskan Demirag, Ozgun, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Operations & SCM 814-898-6717 ozc1@psu.edu 259 Burke
Causgrove, David J., M.B.A. Lecturer in Marketing 814-898-6551 djc11@psu.edu 216 Burke
Coy, Jeffrey, M, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Finance 814-898-6711 jmc87@psu.edu 283 Burke
Deokar, Amit V., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of MIS 814-898-6437 avd108@psu.edu 268 Burke
Deshmukh, Ashutosh V., Ph.D. iMBA & MPAcc Program Chair and
Professor of Accounting and MIS
814-898-6438 avd1@psu.edu 269 Burke
DeWolf, Frank, C.P.I.M., M.B.A. Senior Lecturer in
Management and E-Business
814-898-7270 fwd101@psu.edu 224 Burke
Dieteman, David F., M.A.,J.D. Lecturer in Management 814-898-6506 dfd12@psu.edu 264 Burke
Dong, Flora, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Accounting 814-898-6715 qud4@psu.edu 221 Burke
Fairbank, James F, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Management 814-898-6232 jff108@psu.edu 294 Burke
Filbeck, Greg, DBA. Professor of Finance 814-898-6549 mgf11@psu.edu 286 Burke
Fizel, John, Ph.D. Professor of Economics 814-898-6323 fzk@psu.edu 288 Burke
Gupta, Varun, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Supply Chain and Operations Management 814-898-6266 vxg15@psu.edu 218 Burke
Hajec, Linda, M.B.A. Lecturer in Accounting 814-898-6102 lla129@psu.edu 287 Burke
Hedderick, Richard, M.B.A. Lecturer in Finance 814-898-6435 rph132@psu.edu 214 Burke
Johnson, William H., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Management 814-898-6434 whj1@psu.edu 279 Burke
Krause, Timothy, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Finance 814-898 6326 tak25@psu.edu 291 Burke
Kwon, Shin, H. Ph.D Assistant Professor of Accounting 814-898-6268 shk14@psu.edu 295 Burke
Louie, Kenneth K.T., Ph.D. Director, Economic Institute of Erie,
Associate Professor of Economics
814-898-6265 obr@psu.edu 296 Burke
Mansfield, Phylis M, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Marketing 814-898-6343 pmm16@psu.edu 261 Burke
Millet, Ido, Ph.D. Professor of MIS 814-898-6262 ixm7@psu.edu 292 Burke
Noce, Kathleen J. D.Ed. Senior Lecturer in MIS 814-898-6508 kxn9@psu.edu 273 Burke
Parente, Diane H, Ph.D. Professor of Management 814-898-6436 dhp3@psu.edu 254 Burke
Patanakul, Peerasit Ph.D. Associate Professor of Management 814-898-6534 pxp25@psu.edu 260 Burke
Patterson, Robert D, C.P.A., M.B.A. Lecturer in Management 814-898-7171 rdp4@psu.edu 217 Burke
Pinto, Jeffrey K. Ph.D. Professor of Management 814-898-6430 jkp4@psu.edu 282 Burke
Pinto, Mary Beth, Ph.D. Professor of Marketing 814-898-6348 mxp49@psu.edu 275 Burke
Putman, Carol, M.B.A. Lecturer in Management 814-898-7271 cld112@psu.edu 293 Burke
Rangarajan, Sukanya Lecturer in Accounting 814-898-6507 sur30@psu.edu 289 Burke
Robbins, Eric MBA Program Co-Chair and Lecturer in Finance 814-898-6940 ejr122@psu.edu 215 Burke
Sarkar, Sourish Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Management 814-898-6800 szs15@psu.edu 263 Burke
Swinarski, Matthew, Ph.D. Associate Professor of MIS 814-898-6439 mes35@psu.edu 284 Burke
Totleben, Janice A. M.S., M.B.A. Senior Lecturer in MIS 814-898-6109 jat14@psu.edu 271 Burke
Venkataraman, Ray, Ph.D. Professor of Management 814-898-6428 rrv2@psu.edu 255 Burke
Vlad, Valerica, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Economics 814-898-6093 vuv2@psu.edu 258 Burke
Vogel, Ryan Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Management 814-898-6264 rmv13@psu.edu 280B Burke
Warner, Alfred G. Ph.D. Director of the MBA Program
and Associate Professor of Management
814-898-6509 agw2@psu.edu 277 Burke
Wassel, Chris Lecturer in Business 814-898-6684 caw262@psu.edu 290 Burke
Yates, Travis Lecturer in Economics 814-898-6333 tmy5026@psu.edu 285 Burke
Hyunsoon (Sean) Yim, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Marketing 814-898-6431 sean.yim@psu.edu 220 Burke
Zhao, Xin(Jessica), Ph.D. Associate Professor of Finance 814-898-6256 xuz12@psu.edu 256 Burke
Zhi, Jianing(Jenny) Lecturer in Project and Supply Chain Management 814-898-6590 jzz5296@psu.edu 228 Burke




Name Title Phone Email Office
Deppen, Melanie, MBA lecturer in Marketing 814-898-6704 mbd154@psu.edu 137 Burke
Kalivoda, Celene Lecturer in Business 814-898-6578 cmy117@psu.edu 137 Burke
Korcinsky, Christine Lecturer in Business 814-898-6578 czk160@psu.edu 137 Burke
Levstek, Daniel Lecturer in Business 814-898-6704 dfl12@psu.edu 137 Burke
Neizmik, Larry Lecturer in Business 814-898-6704 ldn100@psu.edu 137 Burke
Mangus, Jennifer Lecturer in Business 814-898-6578 jtp111@psu.edu 137 Burke
McAuley, Scott Lecturer in Economics 814-898-6704 sdm16@psu.edu 137 Burke
Mingarelle, Patrick Lecturer in Business 814-898-6578 pam30@psu.edu 137 Burke
O'Dana, Clay Lecturer in Business 814-898-6578 cho103@psu.edu 137 Burke
Stone, John Lecturer in Business 814-898-6578 jcs117@psu.edu 137 Burke
Stroupe, Scott Lecturer in Business 814-898-6704 sts16@psu.edu 137 Burke
Vandeveled, Darrel Lecturer in Business 814-898-6704 djv14@psu.edu 137 Burke