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Name Title Phone Email Office
Balaji Rajagopalan, Ph.D. Director and Toudy Chair 
in Entrepreneurship & Innovation
814-898-6173 bur14@psu.edu 281E Burke
Laurel Brown Professional Development Coordinator 814-898-6686 ljb29@psu.edu 280A Burke
Amanda Eller Administrative Support Assistant 814-898-6560 ale19@psu.edu 281 Burke
Grace Martin Administrative Support Assistant 814-898-6716 gmm26@psu.edu 281 Burke
Stacey McCoy Administrative Support Assistant 814-898-6168 sqm2@psu.edu 281 Burke
Roberta Peters Administrative Support Coordinator 814-898-6173 rcp12@psu.edu 281 Burke
Alice Puzarowski Administrative Support Assistant 814-898-6200 alg135@psu.edu 281 Burke




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Name Title Phone Email Office
Adzima, Kerry A., Ph.D Associate Professor of Economics 814-898-6096 kak38@psu.edu 276 Burke
Bestoso, Mark W., M.B.A. Lecturer in Business 814-898-6258 mwb5@psu.edu 281G Burke
Bicen, Pelin, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Marketing 814-898-6710 pxb40@psu.edu 272 Burke
Boscaljon, Brian L, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Finance 814-898-6433 blb30@psu.edu 278 Burke
Brown, Charles A, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Accounting 814-898-6432 cab51@psu.edu 290 Burke
Brown, Michael E, Ph.D. Professor of Management 814-898-6324 meb239@psu.edu 266 Burke
Brown, Randy C, Lecturer in Management 814-898-6042 rcb22@psu.edu 229 Burke
Caliskan Demirag, Ozgun, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Operations & SCM 814-898-6717 ozc1@psu.edu 259 Burke
Causgrove, David J., M.B.A. Lecturer in Marketing 814-898-6551 djc11@psu.edu 216 Burke
Coy, Jeffrey, M, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Finance 814-898-6711 jmc87@psu.edu 283 Burke
Deokar, Amit V., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of MIS 814-898-6437 avd108@psu.edu 268 Burke
Deshmukh, Ashutosh V., Ph.D. iMBA & MPAcc Program Chair and
Professor of Accounting and MIS
814-898-6438 avd1@psu.edu 269 Burke
DeWolf, Frank, C.P.I.M., M.B.A. Senior Lecturer in
Management and E-Business
814-898-7270 fwd101@psu.edu 224 Burke
Dieteman, David F., M.A.,J.D. Lecturer in Management 814-898-6506 dfd12@psu.edu 264 Burke
Dong, Flora, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Accounting 814-898-6715 qud4@psu.edu 221 Burke
Fairbank, James F, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Management 814-898-6232 jff108@psu.edu 294 Burke
Filbeck, Greg, DBA. Professor of Finance 814-898-6549 mgf11@psu.edu 286 Burke
Fizel, John, Ph.D. Professor of Economics 814-898-6323 fzk@psu.edu 288 Burke
Gupta, Varun, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Supply Chain and Operations Management 814-898-6266 vxg15@psu.edu 218 Burke
Hajec, Linda, M.B.A. Lecturer in Accounting 814-898-6102 lla129@psu.edu 287 Burke
Hedderick, Richard, M.B.A. Lecturer in Finance 814-898-6435 rph132@psu.edu 214 Burke
Johnson, William H., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Management 814-898-6434 whj1@psu.edu 279 Burke
Krause, Timothy, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Finance 814-898 6326 tak25@psu.edu 291 Burke
Kwon, Shin, H. Ph.D Assistant Professor of Accounting 814-898-6268 shk14@psu.edu 295 Burke
Louie, Kenneth K.T., Ph.D. Director, Economic Institute of Erie,
Associate Professor of Economics
814-898-6265 obr@psu.edu 296 Burke
Mansfield, Phylis M, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Marketing 814-898-6343 pmm16@psu.edu 261 Burke
Millet, Ido, Ph.D. Professor of MIS 814-898-6262 ixm7@psu.edu 292 Burke
Noce, Kathleen J. D.Ed. Senior Lecturer in MIS 814-898-6508 kxn9@psu.edu 273 Burke
Parente, Diane H, Ph.D. Professor of Management 814-898-6436 dhp3@psu.edu 254 Burke
Patanakul, Peerasit Ph.D. Associate Professor of Management 814-898-6534 pxp25@psu.edu 260 Burke
Patterson, Robert D, C.P.A., M.B.A. Lecturer in Management 814-898-7171 rdp4@psu.edu 217 Burke
Pinto, Jeffrey K. Ph.D. Professor of Management 814-898-6430 jkp4@psu.edu 282 Burke
Pinto, Mary Beth, Ph.D. Professor of Marketing 814-898-6348 mxp49@psu.edu 275 Burke
Putman, Carol, M.B.A. Lecturer in Management 814-898-7271 cld112@psu.edu 293 Burke
Rangarajan, Sukanya Lecturer in Accounting 814-898-6507 sur30@psu.edu 289 Burke
Robbins, Eric MBA Program Co-Chair and Lecturer in Finance 814-898-6940 ejr122@psu.edu 215 Burke
Sarkar, Sourish Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Management 814-898-6800 szs15@psu.edu 263 Burke
Swinarski, Matthew, Ph.D. Associate Professor of MIS 814-898-6439 mes35@psu.edu 284 Burke
Totleben, Janice A. M.S., M.B.A. Senior Lecturer in MIS 814-898-6109 jat14@psu.edu 271 Burke
Venkataraman, Ray, Ph.D. Professor of Management 814-898-6428 rrv2@psu.edu 255 Burke
Vlad, Valerica, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Economics 814-898-6093 vuv2@psu.edu 258 Burke
Vogel, Ryan Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Management 814-898-6264 rmv13@psu.edu 280B Burke
Warner, Alfred G. Ph.D. Director of the MBA Program
and Associate Professor of Management
814-898-6509 agw2@psu.edu 277 Burke
Wassel, Chris Lecturer in Business 814-898-6684 caw262@psu.edu 290 Burke
Yates, Travis Lecturer in Economics 814-898-6333 tmy5026@psu.edu 285 Burke
Hyunsoon (Sean) Yim, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Marketing 814-898-6431 sean.yim@psu.edu 220 Burke

Zhao, Xin(Jessica), Ph.D.

Zhi, Jianing(Jenny)

Associate Professor of Finance

Lecturer in Project and Supply Chain Management





256 Burke

228 Burke




Name Title Phone Email Office
Deppen, Melanie, MBA lecturer in Marketing 814-898-6704 mbd154@psu.edu 137 Burke
Kalivoda, Celene Lecturer in Business 814-898-6578 cmy117@psu.edu 137 Burke
Korcinsky, Christine Lecturer in Business 814-898-6578 czk160@psu.edu 137 Burke
Levstek, Daniel Lecturer in Business 814-898-6704 dfl12@psu.edu 137 Burke
Neizmik, Larry Lecturer in Business 814-898-6704 ldn100@psu.edu 137 Burke
Mangus, Jennifer Lecturer in Business 814-898-6578 jtp111@psu.edu 137 Burke
McAuley, Scott Lecturer in Economics 814-898-6704 sdm16@psu.edu 137 Burke
Mingarelle, Patrick Lecturer in Business 814-898-6578 pam30@psu.edu 137 Burke
O'Dana, Clay Lecturer in Business 814-898-6578 cho103@psu.edu 137 Burke
Stone, John Lecturer in Business 814-898-6578 jcs117@psu.edu 137 Burke
Stroupe, Scott Lecturer in Business 814-898-6704 sts16@psu.edu 137 Burke
Vandeveled, Darrel Lecturer in Business 814-898-6704 djv14@psu.edu 137 Burke