Academic Expectations and Preparation


Academic Expectations

Penn State Behrend understands that most adult learners assume multiple roles, juggling family and work responsibilities while meeting the demands of college, so we want to be sure students understand the demands that will be placed on them academically.

As a general rule, plan to spend two hours outside the classroom for each credit hour that you are enrolled in. For example, you should plan on spending approximately six hours per week preparing for class, responding to assignments, reading material, etc for each three-credit class you have. It may take a couple of semesters as well as different types of class formats to determine how much time you will need for each class.

Academic Preparation and Community Resources

Individuals who have not been involved in academic course work recently and/or who have not taken academic math in high school are strongly encouraged to enroll in academic remediation prior to entering the college classroom. Consider enrolling in Penn State Behrend's Academic Transition Program. This program is designed to prepare you to begin college level work providing instruction in mathematics, writing and study strategies.   There are also local community resources, many offered free of charge. Click here for a list of these services.

Computer Literacy

To prepare for your college experience, we encourage you to become familiar with Webmail and Microsoft Office software, including Word, Access, Excel and Powerpoint. To aid students, a first-year seminar (a requirement for all baccalaureate degree students) has been created for the adult computer novice. This class acquaints you with the basics of Microsoft Office software, introduces you to various college services and addresses issues of study strategies, stress management, math anxiety and more.  Look for PSU 007 offered fall semesters.

Penn State students can purchase Microsoft Office and other software through the Microsoft Student Program at cost effective, educational rates. Click here for Computer Store information.