Project and Supply Chain Management

Note: The Management major has changed and been renamed to Project and Supply Chain Management (PSCM). Current Management majors (General Management or Operations Management options) can complete their degree by following the existing requirements. Effective Fall 2013, students interested in studying Management who have yet to formally declare their major must choose the new Project and Supply Chain Management major.

Project and Supply Chain ManagementProject and Supply Chain Management majors learn how to manage complex assignments across business functions, understand the critical components of supply chains, and apply business analytic methods to fully integrate supply chain practices throughout an organization. These skills may be used to develop new products and services, schedule and coordinate resources, monitor and control projects, and coordinate procurement and project delivery systems.

Graduates are uniquely well-prepared for careers in some of the most in-demand professions in business. They are able to manage supply chain and projects initiatives in world-class corporations, government, public sector organizations, construction, third-party logistics providers, and goods and services distribution operations.

Why Major in Project and Supply Chain Management?


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