MBA Curriculum


As a student in the MBA program, you will be required to complete between 30 and 45 credits depending on the undergraduate background. The curriculum includes:

  • 15 credits of Foundation Core course work,
  • 21 credits of Advanced Required course work
  • 9 credits of electives that allow students to pursue more in-depth study in areas of special interest.

Recommended scheduling for MBA students (Word)PDF

MBA course descriptions (Word)  /  PDF


MBA Curriculum

45 credits


Foundation Core Courses

15 credits

B ADM 501

Costs, Competition, and Market Performance


B ADM 502

Demand, Operations, and Firm Performance


B ADM 503

Integrated Business Analysis


Advanced Required Courses

21 credits

B ADM 510

Cost Management for Decision Making and Control


B ADM 512

Managing Effective Organizations 3

B ADM 513

Quantitative Methods for Business 3

B ADM 514

Strategic Planning and Business Policy 3

B ADM 526

Leadership and Ethics 3

B ADM 532

Corporate Finance

B ADM 554

Marketing Strategy



Elective Courses

9 credits

  One elective must have an MIS focus 3

Select two other courses from University List.



  • Part-time students can complete the 45-credit program in approximately two to three years. Typically, part-time students take one to two classes each semester and one class in the summer.
  • Full-time students who are exempt from the Foundation Core courses can earn the required 30 credits, or 10 courses, in approximately three semesters.  Full-time study at the graduate level is 9 credits per semester.
  • The majority of MBA students are fully employed professionals who are pursuing their MBAs on a part-time basis.  Advance Required courses in Erie meet on campus.  Class meetings are scheduled once per week for 3 hours.
  • Advanced Required Courses in Cranberry at the Regional Learning Alliance (RLA) are delivered with 75% course content online and 25% course content in class.  Class meeting times will be scheduled prior to the start of the course.  Class meeting times are scheduled for 3 hours.
  • Foundation courses and most Elective courses are offered 100% online.
  • Course Exemption Guidelines (Word) / PDF  - Individuals who have completed relevant course work within the past seven years, and have earned a B or better grade, will be exempt from the 15-credit Foundation Core.
  • Request for Course Exemptions (Word) / PDF - New students will be asked to submit this request after receiving an offer of admission.