MBA Curriculum


As a student in the MBA program, you will be required to complete between 30 and 45 credits depending on your undergraduate background. The curriculum includes:

  • 15 credits of Foundation Core course work (contact Dr. Al Warner to discuss how you can complete this component now in an online, self-paced environment so you can begin the 30 credit program in FA16),
  • 21 credits of Advanced Required course work
  • 9 credits of electives that allow students to pursue more in-depth study in areas of special interest.

Recommended scheduling for MBA students (Word) PDF

MBA course descriptions (Word)  /  PDF


MBA Curriculum

45 credits


Foundation Core Courses

15 credits

B ADM 501

Costs, Competition, and Market Performance


B ADM 502

Demand, Operations, and Firm Performance


B ADM 503

Integrated Business Analysis


Advanced Required Courses

21 credits

B ADM 510

Cost Management for Decision Making and Control


B ADM 512

Managing Effective Organizations 3

B ADM 513

Quantitative Methods for Business 3

B ADM 514

Strategic Planning and Business Policy 3

B ADM 526

Leadership and Ethics 3

B ADM 532

Corporate Finance

B ADM 597A

Product Development and Brand Strategy



Elective Courses

9 credits

  One elective must have an MIS focus 3

Select two other courses from University List.



  • The majority of MBA students are fully employed professionals who are pursuing their MBAs on a part-time basis and take no more than six credits per semester.  Full time students (those working no more than 20 hours per week) can take up to 12 credits per semester.  Nine credits per semester is the minimum load to be defined as full time status.


  • Advanced Required courses are delivered with 75% course content online and 25% course content in class.  Class meeting times will be scheduled prior to the start of the semester and will typically be the first class of the term, the last regularly scheduled class OR the class in finals week and two other classes in the term.  These are generally about a month apart. Class meeting times are scheduled for 3 hours.  Classes in Erie meet on campus and in Cranberry at the Regional Learning Alliance (RLA).  Most elective courses are offered 100% online.