Program Chairs


School of Business

Program Chair Phone  (area code is 814)
Accounting Dr. Ashutosh Deshmukh 898-6438
Business Economics Dr. Greg Filbeck 898-6549
Economic Dr. Greg Filbeck 898-6549
Finance Dr. Greg Filbeck 898-6549
General Business (2-year) Mr. Mark Bestoso 898-6258
Interdisciplinary Businesss with Engineering Studies Dr. Diane Parente 898-6436
International Business Dr. Diane Parente


Management Information Systems Dr. Ashutosh Deshmukh


Marketing Dr. Ray Venkataraman 898-6428
Project and Supply Chain Management Dr. Ray Venkataraman 898-6428
Master of Business Administration (B ADM) Dr. John Fizel 898-6323
Master of Business Administration (iMBA) Dr. John Fizel 898-67323
Master of Project Management Dr. Jeff Pinto 898-6430


School of Engineering

Program Chair Phone  (area code is 814)
Computer Engineering Dr. Thomas Hemminger 898-6479

Computer Science

Electrical Engineering (2-year)

Dr. Chris Coulston

Mr. David Loker



Electrical Engineering

Dr. Thomas Hemminger

Mechanical Engineering Dr. Russell Warley 898-6389
Software Engineering Dr. Chris Coulston 898-6988

Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology

Industrial Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Technology (2-year)

Mr. David Loker

Dr. Russell Warley

Mr. David Johnson




Mechanical Engineering Technology Mr. Ed Evans 898-6138
Plastics Engineering Technology Mr. Bradley Johnson 898-6148


Program Chair Phone  (area code is 814)

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Arts Administration Dr. Sharon Dale 898-6208
Communication Dr. Rod Troester 898-6442
Creative Writing Dr. Thomas Noyes 898-6209
English Dr. Craig Warren 898-644
General Arts and Sciences Ms. Elizabeth Fogle 898-6821
History Dr. Leigh Ann Bedal 898-6070
Letters, Arts, and Sciences (two-year) Ms. Elizabeth Fogle 898-6821
Political Science Dr. Robert Speel 898-6206
Psychology Dr. Charisse Nixon 898-6041


Program Chair Phone  (area code is 814)

School of Science

Biology Dr. Paul Barney 898-7133
Chemistry Ms. Tracy Halmi 898-6045



Dr. Michelle Previte

Elaine Hlopick



Physics Dr. Bruce Wittmershaus 898-6476
Science Dr. Anthony Foyle 898-6277
Secondary Education in Mathematics Dr. Courtney Nagle 898-6471