Bicycles and Mopeds

If you will be operating a bicycle or moped on campus, you must register it and obtain a permit.  To do so, visit Police Services during business hours.  All bicycles must be operated according to University regulations and the provisions of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code as it pertains to bicycles.

A moped must also be registered and you need to obtain a permit for it.  However, you may park the moped as a bicycle on campus.  Keep in mind that a moped shall be operated in accordance with the same driving and parking rules and regulations as other motor vehicles. 

A copy of the bicycle/moped regulations are available from Police Services.  More information about University regulations regarding bicycles, mopeds, and other mobility devices are given in Policy SY16.


Protect Your Bicycle

  • Lock your bicycle every time it must be left unattended.
  • Use a high-quality lock and case-hardened chain to lock your bicycle.  Avoid locks that can be easily picked, broken, or cut with wire cutters.
  • Lock your bicycle by placing the chain through both wheels, the frame, and around a stationery object.


Bicycle Safety Tips

  • Obey all traffic control devices and routing signs.  Stop at all red lights and stop signs. 
  • Yield to pedestrians.
  • Maintain a safe stopping distance behind moving cars.
  • Do not pass a vehicle on the right.
  • Walk your bike when crossing streets and intersections.
  • Be courteous and fair to pedestrians, other bicyclists, and drivers.
  • Avoid traveling too fast down hills or on rough and slippery roads.