Meet the Personal Counseling Staff

Sue Daley, M.A.Sue Daley
Staff Psychologist

Sue is a licensed psychologist and has been the director of the Personal Counseling Office for 22 years. She lives in a little cottage along Lake Erie and enjoys cooking, reading, travel, and days with "no have-to's" in them.






Nicole LowryNicole Lowry, M.S., NCC, LPC
Personal Counselor

Nicole is a licensed counselor in her 11th year in the Personal Counseling Office. She is a lifelong Erie resident who loves traveling, hiking, sailing, and taking in the beautiful sunsets at Presque Isle with her family.







Matt Szczesny, M.A.Matt Szczesny
Personal Counselor

Matt is in his eighth year at the Personal Counseling Office. He has worked in social services for the past 25 years. Matt enjoys hiking, camping, painting, and collecting obscure music and films. He can often be found traveling to national parks with his family and dogs.





Lee ShadeckLee Shadeck, M.A., NCC
Personal Counselor

Lee is a Nationally Certified Counselor enjoying his third year at Behrend.  He was previously employed in the Counseling Center at Mercyhurst University and taught for the Foundations Program there.  He spent many years as a supervisor at Crisis Services in Erie, Pennsylvania and has been a case manager for individuals with developmental disabilities.  Lee enjoys time spent with his wife and three daughters, keeping up with his historic house, coaching youth soccer, and most any activity that has to do with the outdoors.




Linda KaletaLinda Kaleta
Staff Assistant 

Linda has been the staff assistant in the Personal Counseling Office for the past 16 years. She has been happily married for 40 years, has two children, a grandson and a new granddaughter. She enjoys walking, reading, and spending time with her family.