Civic Engagement

ASB Photo*Civic engagement refers to the ways in which citizens participate in the life of a community in order to improve conditions for others or to help shape the community's future. 

At Penn State Behrend, our goal is to connect students to the community in which they live and the world around them. Through experiences such as philanthropy, volunteering, service-learning (for credit), and civic leadership, students will continue to evolve in their role as citizens and develop knowledge, skills, values, and motivation to be active participants in their community and lead lives of civic engagement.

Contact: Assistant Director of Civic Engagement & The Smith Chapel

Office: Smith Chapel


Phone: 814-898-6609

*Goggin, J., & Adler, R. P. (2005, July). What Do We Mean By “Civic Engagement”? Retrieved February 24, 2016, from html*

Penn State Values - COMMUNITY

We work together for the betterment of our University, the communities we serve, and the world.

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Through civic engagement experience, students will be able to....

  • Define community and describe citizenship as one’s civic responsibility, and active participation in community.
  • Identify and demonstrate empathy in order to understand self, others and community.
  • Discover and engage in different forms of civic engagement.
  • Recognize their ability to challenge assumptions and empower others to make a difference.

Strategic Goals: Community Service; Service-Learning; Civic Leadership

  1. Creating opportunities for relationship building and skill development through Community Service activities such as philanthropy and volunteerism.
  2. Providing resources for Service-Learning education and experiences.
  3. Promoting Civic Leadership for positive social change.