Become a Resident Assistant (RA)

The RA online application process for the 2016-17 year will open in August 2015. 

Application Requirements

Requirements to be considered for the Resident Assistant position are:

  • A 2.50 cumulative GPA; (Must have 2.00 GPA to be eligible to take RA Class)
  • 24 earned credit hours upon completion of Spring 2015 semester
  • Good conduct standing with the University
  • Intention to attend classes at Penn State Behrend at least one year following completion of the RA class.


All RAs receive free housing and a stipend towards tuition. RAs placed everywhere but in the apartments will receive meal plan #5. Stipend is dependent upon location.

Applicants Transferring to Behrend

If you are transferring to Penn State Behrend and are currently an RA at another location of Penn State; enrolled in or already taken the RA Class at another location of Penn State, or are transferring from another college, please email us with your intent.


Here is a breakdown of the RA application/placement process.
1. Submit application (which will include two references)
2. Receive an invitation to interview.
3. Sign up for in person Interview.
4. Interview
5. If offered a place, sign up for the RA Class for Spring 2016 (H&SS 297D: Resident Assistant Theory & Practice)
6. Offers to be an RA in the Fall of 2016 will be made in April 2016 upon successful completion of the RA Class and consideration of department needs.  (Successful completion of the class does not guarantee placement as an RA.  Candidate may be placed on a waiting list.)


For more information, contact Jill Fox at