Educational Equity Training

Training and Presentations

The Office of Educational Equity and Diversity Programs offers various workshops and presentations to the campus community upon request. If interested in scheduling a workshop for your group or unit, please contact our office at or at (814) 898-7101. We would be happy to facilitate one.

The 4 Aces of Diversity

An introduction to fundamental aspects of cultural diversity, this workshop helps participants gain sensitivity and awareness about cultural differences.

SafeZone Behrend

​Provides a better understanding, sensitivity, and awareness about students and other members of the campus community and beyond who may identify as being Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender or other forms of gender expressions.

Understanding Social Justice, Privilege and Oppression

Engages participants into understanding the roots of social justice and how to create a more inclusive environment.

Intercultural Communication

Communication styles, though individual, are also influenced by culture. This workshop provides an opportunity to recognize some cross-cultural differences and the impact that they have on all of us.

Comprende? Understanding the Latino/Hispanic Culture

Explains the many differences between these cultures and how they can't all just be "fit in one box."


Student Leadership and Academic Success

Take Control of Your Semester

Teaches participants basic concepts for getting organized and working towards academic success.

Recover Your Semester

Shares with students who are underperforming academically various steps towards "getting back on track!"

Social Identity Impact on Leadership

Explores how people may identify with particular social or cultural values. Understanding how these values differ in terms of their level of importance to people may help us better understand our team and even ourselves as a leader.

First Plan the Work, then Work the Plan

Student are introduced to a series of techniques to help them lead student organizations. From creating a vision to establishing the organization's mission, the workshop provides a step by step guide to set S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Result-oriented, Time-lined) goals, and then establish a "plan of action" to achieve those goals. The presentation includes interactive activities and a handout.

Fundamentals of Student Organization Success, All Within One Hand!

Explores five basic areas student organizations can take towards achieving success and how these can be implemented--all found in "one hand!"


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