April 11-12: Sexuality and Gender Studies at Penn State

Apr 11 2014 - 8:30am to Apr 12 2014 - 6:00pm
Reed Student Union Center

About the Conference

Representatives from thirteen campuses from across the Pennsylvania State University will gather together for this unprecedented conference on LGBTQ issues. Panels and workshops are free and open to the public. Students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community members are warmly welcomed! Topics include:

  • LGBTQ Youth and Family
  • Queering Penn State History
  • Achieving a More Welcoming Community at Penn State workshop
  • Student Discussions of Faith and LGBTQ issues
  • Queer Representations in Television, from Downton Abbey to Starz’ Spartacus
  • Assessing Queer and Trans Climate Studies (special guest Susan Rankin)
  • HIV/AIDS in Research and Memory
  • ENDA and Workplace Issues
  • Address by the PSU Commission on LGBTQ Equity
  • Much, much more!

To inquire about RSVP space for the plated lunch and dinner, please email psu.lgbtq@gmail.com with the subject “Reservation” and details about the number of attendees.


Conference Schedule

Friday April 11 – Schedule of Events                                                                                           

8:30-9:15 Breakfast (Reed 113) 

Session #1

9:15-10:45 Panel - LGBT Youth and Family (Reed 114)                                                                

  1. "The Mental Health of LGBT People: Lessons Learned from LGBT Youth Research" - Anthony D'Augelli (Human Development & Family Studies, PSU University Park)
  2. "Sexual Orientation and Parenting" - Dara Purvis (PSU Dickinson School of Law)             
  3. "Unique Challenges for LGBT-Identified Individuals in Domestically Violent Relationships" - Melanie Hetzel-Riggin (Psychology, PSU Behrend)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Session #2

10:50-12:10 Panel - Investigating The Arts (Reed 114)                                                                   

  1. "Downton Abbey and Hierarchies of Queerness" - Jennifer Nesbitt (English, PSU York)
  2. "Queering the Arena: Homosexuality in Starz' Spartacus" - Jerry Pierce (History, PSU Hazelton)
  3. "Not Painting it Pink: Gender & Abstraction in Jo Baer's Minimalist Paintings" - Matthew L. Levy (Arts Administration, PSU Behrend)
  4. "Comfort Women's Bodies in Colonial, Postcolonial and Nationalist Contexts" - Hyunji Kwon (Visual Arts, PSU University Park)     


Session #3

12:20-1:20 Where We Were, Where We Are, and Where We're Going:  Penn State's Commission on LGBT Equity - Address and Lunch (RSVP required) (Dobbins Special Events Room)

Cristol Gregory (2014 CLGBTE Past Chair, University Park)


Session #4

1:30-2:15 Roundtable - "Achieving a More Welcoming Community at Penn State:  Suggestions and Strategies" (Reed 114)

James Hart (Communication, PSU Worthington-Scranton), Dale Holen (Biology – PSU Worthington-Scranton) and Parminder Parmar (Human Development & Family Studies, PSU Worthington-Scranton)            


Session #5A

2:30-3:20 Panel - Being An Ally (Reed 114)

  1. "Let's Have a Drag Show!": An Ally Feminist Reflects on Her Role as a Faculty Advisor for the Campus LGBT Organization - Laura Dickinson (English, Pennsylvania College of Technology)
  2. "Women's Perceptions of Body Size in a Post-Stonewall Perspective" - Kyler Sherman-Wilkins (Sociology & Criminology, PSU University Park)                                                                                      

Session #5B.

2:30-3:20 Panel: Students Investigate Gender and Sexuality (Reed 113)                          

  1. "Anything a Prince can do a Princess can do too: Disney’s Shift in Gender Roles from “Snow White” to “Tangled” - Melinda Aley (PSU Behrend)                                                                                               
  2. " Investigating Sappho - A Multimedia Presentation" - Caitlin Ostrowski and Martha Larkin (PSU Behrend)                                                                                                             


Session #6

3:30-4:20 Roundtable - "Teaching Introductory Classes in the Sexuality & Gender Studies Minor" (Reed 114)

Krista Quesenberry, facilitator (English, PSU University Park) with Kevin Berland (English, PSU Shenango), Robert Caserio (English, PSU University Park), Christopher Castiglia (English, PSU University Park), Colin Hogan (PSU, University Park), and Christopher Reed  (English, PSU University Park)          


Session #7

4:30-5:15 Session- "Mathematical Modeling of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Cuba" (Reed 114) Anthony Mastroberardino (Mathematics, PSU Behrend)                                                                                                                           


Session #8

5:30-6:45 Dinner & Discussion: “Out of the Shadows: Queer Spectrum and Trans Spectrum Campus Climate” (Dobbins Special Events) (RSVP required)

Sue Rankin, featured speaker (Senior Research Associate in the Center for the Study of Higher Education)


Session #9

7:00-9:00 Theater Performance:  "Blood at the R/oot" (Reed 117)                                              


Saturday, April 12 – Schedule of Events                                               

8:30-9:15:  Breakfast (Reed 113)


Session #10

9:30-10:30: Workshop – “Queering Penn State History (Reed 114)

Doris Malkmus (Special Collections, Paterno Library)


Session #11

10:40-11:40 Panel:  Teaching and Remembering (Reed 114)

  1. “Epidemics of Memory” – Chris Castiglia and Christopher Reed (English – PSU University Park)
  2. “Queering the Business Writing Classroom” – Stephanie Scott  (English – PSU University Park)


Session #12

11:45-12:45 Lunch with Facilitated Workshop – “Isms and Inequity: Are We Part of the Problem?”

Karrie Bowen (Communication, PSU Brandywine)


Session #13A

1:00-2:00 Panel: Literature I (Reed 114)

  1. “Becoming (An)na: Body, Sexuality & Objection in Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina” – Sarah Abu-Bakr (Visual Arts, PSU University Park)
  2. “Staring at the Darkness: The Talented Ms. Highsmith’s Use of the Thriller Genre to Explore Sexual Identity” – Jackie Atkins (English, PSU DuBois)
  3. “Sexualizing the Margins: The State of Contemporary Female-Authored Spanish Theatre”  - Laurie Urraro (Spanish, PSU Behrend)

Session #13B

1:00-2:00 Panel:  Theory and Politics (Reed 113)                                                                           

  1. "Dis/Orienting Sexuality:  Moving Beyond the Bi" - Cara Judea Alhadeff         (Visual Arts alumna, PSU University Park)                 
  2. "The Frankenstein Phenomena: Radical Feminism's Collusion with Patriarchy in the Exclusion of Transgender Identities" - Jeanine Ruhsam (American Studies, PSU Harrisburg)                                                                                    


Session #14A

2:10-3:00 Panel: Literature II (Reed 114)

  1. "A Story of Two Poets and the Poems They Wrote Together"  - Colin Hogan (English -  PSU University Park)                                
  2. "Prostitution, Obscenity and Genderqueer Identity in Tom Kromer's Waiting for Nothing - Krista Quesenberry (English – PSU University Park)                                                                              

Session #14B

2:10-3:00 Student Roundtable:  "Religious Perspectives on LGBTQ issues" (Reed 113)

Rich McCarty, facilitator (Mercyhurst University), with members of  Behrend student group TRIGON


Session #15A

3:10-4:00 Panel:  Legal and Workplace Issues (Reed 114)                                                 

  1. "To ENDA or not to ENDA" - Dwayne Wright (Dickinson School of Law)                    
  2. "Out of the Closet and Into the Blue:  An Inquiry into Biases in Policing" - Alese Wooditch (Criminology, George Mason University) and James Ruiz (Criminal Justice, PSU Harrisburg)                                                                            

Session #15B

3:10-4:00  Roundtable:  "Misperception of Friendliness Cues"  (Reed 113)

Richard Harnish and K. R. Bridges (Psychology, PSU New Kensington)


Session #16A

4:10-4:50 Panel:  The Archives of History (Reed 114)                                                 

  1. "The FBI's Monitoring of Early Gay Rights:  The Curious Case of Homosexuals Anonymous and Donald Webster Cory/Edward Sagarin" - Douglas Charles (History, PSU Greater Allegheny)                         
  2. "Carl Westphal's Contrary Sexual Feeling and the Invention of the Medicalized Homosexual through the Lesbian Case Study" - Mara Taylor (German, PSU Behrend)                                                             

Session #16B

4:10-4:50 Roundtable:  "Sexuality, Students & Surveys:  Discussion of Gender, Sexuality & Women in the Classroom" (Reed 113)

Amy Carney (History, PSU Behrend), Janet Neigh (English, PSU Behrend), Hilary Baker (Music, PSU Behrend) and Glenn Kumhera (History, PSU Behrend)                


Session #17

5:00-6:00 Closing Reception (sheet cake and coffee served) (Reed 113)


Saturday’s Recommended Evening Events: 

LadyFest Music Festival (McGarvey Commons) (downstairs from Reed rooms)
"Psycho Beach Party" theatre performance (Black Box Theatre, pre-order tickets via Behrend Box Office)
Safe Sex Olympics Educational Event, sponsored by CORE (Junker Center, 7:00-9:00 p.m.)


Event Contact Name: 
Sarah Whitney
Event Contact Email: 
(814) 898-6158