Psychology (B.A.) Curriculum

Current Students:

Recommended Academic Plans and Checksheets for more detailed course recommendations and refer to the University Bulletin for course descriptions and more degree requirements.

Prospective Students:

Below is a typical course sequence for the Psychology B.A. degree program. Schedules will vary by student, depending on areas of interest.

Semester 1 Credits   Semester 2 Credits
First-Year Seminar 1 Quantification course (GQ) 3
College Algebra 3 Introduction to Social Psychology 3
Rhetoric and Composition 3 Humanities course (GH) 3
Introductory Psychology 3 Arts course (GA) 3
Health and Physical Activity 1.5 Foreign Language II 4
Foreign Language I 4    
Semester 3     Semester 4  
Neurological Bases of Behavior 3 Cross-Cultural Psychology 3
Introduction to Abnormal Psychology 3 Statistics in Psychology 4
Social and Behavioral Science course (GS) 3 Art course (GA) 3
Foreign Language III 4 Natural Science (GN) 3
Effective Speech 3 Effective Writing: Writing in the Social Sciences or
Technical Writing
Semester 5     Semester 6  
Basic Research Methods in Psychology 4 Advanced Research Projects 4
Adolescence 3 Psychology of Consciousness 3
Other Cultures course (IL) 3 Arts Course (GA) 3
Humanities course (GH) 3 Social and Behavioral Science course (GS) 3
Psychology of a Sustainable World 3 Professional Development in Psychology 1
Semester 7     Semester 8  
Introduction to Clinical Psychology 3 Research Project or Internship 3
Natural Science course w/lab (GN) 3-4 Social and Behavioral Science course (GS) 3
Humanities course (GH) 3 Natural Science course (GN) 3
Elective 3 Elective 3
Health and Physical Activity 1.5 Elective 3