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Letters, Arts, and Sciences Program Policies

Minimum Graduation Standards

A 2.00 cumulative grade point average is required to graduate. The 2LABC degree requires 60 credits in specific categories. The degree candidate shall earn at least 18 of the last 30 credits in courses offered by Penn State. The last 30 credits shall be earned within a total elapsed time of three calendar years (exception: extended degree students).

Courses that do not meet requirements:

ENGL 004, 005; MATH 000, 001, 002, 003; 004; SPCOM 004; duplicate credits in courses passed more than once (repeated).

Requirements for the Major

Students must earn a grade of C or above in all courses taken toward the degree. This includes ENGI 015 and SPCOM 100.


Associate degree candidates may schedule a maximum of 6 credits under the S/U grading system. S/U credits may be applied only to electives. Satisfactory corresponds to a letter grade of C or higher.

Degree Requirements

All University, college, and major requirements applicable to a given candidate are those in effect at the time of the candidate’s admission or most recent re-enrollment to degree status.

Late Drop Credits

Associate degree students are permitted a maximum of 10 late drop credits.

Students Planning to Continue for a Four-Year Degree at Penn State

Students should check with an adviser to be sure they have fulfilled the entrance-to-college and major requirements before they graduate from the 2LABC program. Students who plan to enroll in a B.A. degree program in liberal arts will need to complete at least one semester of a foreign language with a degree of C or better, complete math entrance units, earn an average of C or better in courses already taken in the proposed major, and earn a cumulative average of at least 2.00.

Double Counting of Courses

Only ENGL 015 or 030 and SPCOM 100 can count in both the General Education and major requirements.

Writing Across the Curriculum

All students must complete at least one 3-credit course listed as W. This course may be used to fulfill another requirement. For example, RUS 141W will fulfill both the writing and humanities components. Note that a 100-level W course may not fulfill graduation requirements in some four-year majors.

Cultural Diversity

All students must complete at least 3 credits in DF courses. These courses may be used to fulfill another requirement. For example, RL ST 001 DF will fulfill both the cultural diversity and humanities components.

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