Letters, Arts, and Sciences

Students in libraryLetters, Arts, and Sciences is a two-year associate degree program with electives to allow for specialization according to individual career goals and educational plans. The program broadens students’ general understanding, interests, and skills. Graduates seeking later admission to four-year bachelor’s degree majors may apply associate degree credits toward the new degree.

Students can explore areas such as employment relationships, worker motivation and satisfaction, publicsector labor issues, persuasive speaking, leadership in work settings, criminal justice systems and administration, and policy making and evaluation. Practical applications of skills gained could include writing for an industry publication, conducting training workshops, collecting and analyzing data to arrive at recommendations for action, restructuring departments to maximize resources, employee retention, and more. Students can expect to learn practical skills that focus on and enhance the understanding of an organization, its processes, and its interactions.

Contact Dr. Joshua Shaw, Program Chair of Letters, Arts, and Sciences, with any questions (jjs34@psu.edu/814-898-6444).

Why Major in Letters, Arts, and Sciences?

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