Communication Curriculum

Current Students:

See the  Recommended Academic Plans and Checksheets for more detailed course recommendations and refer to the University Bulletin for course descriptions and more degree requirements.

Prospective Students:

Below is a typical course sequence for the Communication bachelor's degree program. Schedules will vary by student, depending on areas of interest.

Semester 1Credits Semester 2Credits
Foreign Language I4Social and Behavioral Science course3
Arts course3Math course3
Rhetoric and Composition3Humanities course3
Natural Science course3Other Cultures course3
First-Year Seminar1Foreign Language II4
The Mass Media and Society3Total Credits16
Total Credits17  
Semester 3  Semester 4 
Basic News Writing Skills3Introduction to Spreadsheets and Databases3
Arts course3Introduction to Human Communications3
Natural Science course w/lab3-4Arts course3
Foreign Language III3Math course3
Effective Speech3Health and Physical Activity1.5
Humanities course3Total Credits13.5
Total Credits16  
Semester 5  Semester 6 
Effective Writing3Communication Research Methods3
Basic Video/Filmmaking3Applications for Media Writing3
Professional Public Speaking3Group Communication Theory and Research (example)3
International Mass Communications3Communication Ethics (example)3
Rhetoric and Public Controversy3Introduction to Advertising (example)3
Health and Physical Activity1.5Total Credits15
Total Credits16.5  
Semester 7  Semester 8 
Business and Professional Communication (example)3Social and Behavioral Science course3
Advertising Creative Strategies (example)3Research Project or Internship3
Social and Behavioral Science course3Humanities course3
Organizational Communication Theory
and Research (example)
Elective3Total Credits12
Total Credits15