Mechanical Engineering Technology Certificates


This certificate program is designed for those working in mechanical engineering technology or related fields. It is a sequential three-phase series that will provide a solid foundation in engineering technology and can lead to an associate or baccalaureate degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. Each segment must be completed in its entirety and in order. Once complete, students will have earned three certificates in mechanical engineering technology applications.

Basic – 18 credits

Required Course Course Title Credits
MET 107 Computer Applications for Technologists 3
EG T 120 Introduction to Graphics and Solids Modeling 3
IET 101 Manufacturing Materials, Processes and Lab 3
MATH 081 Technical Mathematics I 3
ENGL 015 Rhetoric and Composition 3
CAS 100 Effective Speech Communication 3

Fundamental – 13 credits

Required Course Course Title Credits
EG T 121 Applied Solids Modeling 3
IET 215 Production Design 2
IET 216 Production Design Lab 2
MCH T 111 Mechanics for Technology: Statics 3
MATH 082 Technical Mathematics II 3

Mechanical Design – 10 credits

Required Course Course Title Credits
MCH T 213 Strength and Properties of Materials 3
MCH T 214 Strength and Properties of Materials lab 1
MET 206 Dynamics and Machine Elements 3
MET 210W Product Design 3


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