Consumer Psychology Certificate

This interdisciplinary certificate program is designed to prepare students for positions in the private sector, government agencies, and colleges and universities that call for an understanding of consumer psychology.  This certificate is based on psychological approaches to understanding consumers.

Students completing this certificate will be able to describe factors influencing buyer behavior. They will be comfortable working in the domains of marketing and psychology and be able to help predict or explain consumer behavior. Students with a certificate in Consumer Psychology will be better equipped to address:

  • Consumers' choices in the marketplace for businesses, products, and services
  • The thought processes and emotions behind consumer decisions
  • The social, psychological, and cultural factors influencing buying decisions
  • The consumer motivation process
  • The personal factors and individual difference variables that affect people's buying choices


The certificate requires a total of 15 credit hours and can be completed concurrently with a Penn State Behrend degree.

Business Course:

MKTG 344 - Buyer Behavior (3 credits)
       Prerequisite Courses:  MKTG 301 (Principles of Marketing), MKTG 342 (Marketing Research)

Psychology Courses:

PSYCH 100 - Introductory Psychology (3 credits)

Choice of three (3) courses from the following list (9 credits):

PSYCH 212 (Developmental Psychology)

PSYCH 221 (Social Psychology)

PSYCH 231 (Psychology of Gender)

PSYCH 232 (Cross Cultural Psychology)

PSYCH 238 (Personality Psychology)

PSYCH 244 (Psychology of Human Factors Engineering)

PSYCH 253 (Perception)

PSYCH 256 (Cognitive Psychology)

PSYCH 412 (Adolescence)

Visit the Registrar's website to download the certificate application.