2012 Undergraduate Student Summer Research Fellowships


Each grant lists individual student researcher(s) with respective cooperating faculty member(s) in parentheses.





Zachary Bear (Robert Michael and Shannon Sweeney) - $1,200
“Advanced Compressed Elastomer Dampers for Earthquake Hazard Reduction to Steel Frames”

Ali Ismail and Jeremy Hall (Dakshina Murthy-Bellur) - $2,400
“PSPICE Modeling and Simulation of Pulse-Width Modulated and Resonant DC-DC Power Converters”

Daniel Ryder (Melanie Ford) - $1,200
“Relation of Technology to Household Objects Using PicoCrickets to Create Activities for Engineering K-12 Outreach”

Bryan Smith (Xiaocong Fan) - $1,200
“A Path Planner for a Multilayer Geographical Information System”




Preston Barrett and Andrew Beck (Dawn Blasko, Victoria Kazmerski, and Shariffah Sheik Dawood) - $2,400
“Metaphors across the World”

Kimberly Cook and Ashley Turner (Victoria Kazmerski) - $2,400
“Middle School Students’ Attitudes about Science, Connectedness, and Learning Environment”

Bryan Fleeson, Bilge Erdem, Miri Ohashi, and Joslyn Mesing (Dawn Blasko) - $4,200
“VIZ: Creating and Assessing Games to Enhance Spatial Cognition”

Ashley Kerr, Rob Fogle, Bryan Fleeson, and Kristan Russell (Victoria Kazmerski and Dawn Blasko) - $3,600
“The Electrophysiological Correlates of Metaphor Processing”

Lauren Kolb, Talberly House, John Madura, Chris Marchini, and Zofia Stark (John Gamble) - $2,644
“The Comprehensive Statistical Database of Multilateral Treaties (CSDMT) Project”

Lindsey Fuller, Emily Loker, and Jessica Salley (Carol Wilson) - $3,600
“Romance, Money, and Pain”

Kymberly McClellan and Nicole Nau (Heather Lum and Dawn Blasko) - $2,400
“Exploring the ‘Black Dog” Syndrome: How Color Can Influence Perceptions of Companion Animals”




Brendan Burbles (Michael Naber and Ann Quinn) - $,1200
“Behrend Arboretum Website Upgrade”

Corey Bush (John Steffen) - $1,200
“Investigation of Female Preference for Males with Carotenoid-Rich Dewlaps in Brown Anole Lizards”

Brianne Campbell (Anthony Foyle, Beth Potter, and Pamela Silver) - $1,200
“Seasonal Water Quality Monitoring along Fourmile Creek”

Andrea Chiodo (Jason Bennett) - $1,200
“Understanding Fe Protoporphyrin Deposition in Order to Increase the Selectivity of a Hydrogen Sulfide Detecting Electrode”

Zachary Duda and Vetta Stepanyan (John Steffen) - $2,400
“Use of Color in Damselflies”

Tyler Ewing and Brittany Sypin (Daniel Galiffa) - $2,400
“Characterizing Classical Orthogonal Polynomial Sequences”

Garrett Fiscus and Todd Thornley (Christopher Gee) - $2,400
“Using the Yeast Signal Sequence Trap to Study the Grapevine Secretome”

Rob Fogle (Mary Grace Galinato) - $600
“Understanding Myoglobin’s Role as a Nitrite Reductase through Spectroscopic and Kinetic Studies”

Kaysie Foust and Nicole Joseph (Matthew Gruwell) - $2,198
“Molecular Identification of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Associated with Genetic Predisposition for Diabetes”

Zhichao Ge (Papiya Bhattacharjee) - $1,200
“Geometric Power Series”

Bruce Huffman (Jay Amicangelo) - $1,200
“The Characterization of Germanium Nitride Intermediates Using Matrix-Isolation Infrared Spectroscopy”

Emily Hyde and Holly Pier (Beth Potter and Margaret Voss) - $2,400
“Tracking the Bacterial Diversity on Individual American Kestrel Eggs”

Heather Jenkins (Ann Quinn and Anthony Foyle) - $1,161
“Water Quality in Three Creeks in Westmoreland and Allegheny County”

Gabriel Kramer (Joseph Previte and Michelle Previte) - $1,200
“The Growth Exponent of Vertex Replacement Rules with Exponential Growth”

Kyle Learn and Jon Drumheller (John Steffen) - $1,200
“Pigment Composition of Nuptial Coloration in Turtles”

Joshua MacCready and Timothy Gaw (Matthew Gruwell) - $2,290
“Investigating Genomics, Host Invasion, and Phylogeny of the Endosymbiotic Bacteria Tremblaya princeps and Moranella endobia within the Citrus Mealybug Host Planococcus citri

Kaitlin Pander and Mary Sperry (Beth Potter and Margaret Voss) - $2,400
“Effects of Uropygial Gland Secretions on the Bacterial Diversity of House Wren Eggs”

Jay Patel (John Steffen) - $1,200
“Anatomical Basis to UV Reflectance in Brown Anole Dewlaps”

W. Andrew Peterson (Bruce Wittmershaus) - $1,200
“Continuous Density Gradient Centrifugation of Silica-Coated Silver Nanoparticles for MEF Applications”

Tanya Riston (Papiya Bhattacharjee) - $1,200
“Lattices and Frames”

Emily Savage and Alex Campbell (Matthew Gruwell) - $2,326
“Coevolution of Acropyga Ants, Xenococcine Mealybugs and Their Associated Endosymbionts”

Clayton Schuman (Antonio Mastroberardino) - $1,200
“Analysis of Multidimensional Predator-Prey Systems”

Fiona Steel (Blair Tuttle) - $1,200
“Modeling Candidate Solid State Systems for Quantum Computers”

Karissa Sterling (Jason Bennett) - $1,200
“Investigating Rh(III) Porphyrins as a Potential Electrocatalytic Material for Selective CO Detection”

Tiffany Stone (Darren Williams) - $1,200
“The Habitability of Extrasolar Planets”

Jessica Tropp (Christopher Gee) - $1,200
“Population Analysis of Many Agrobacterium vitis Strains with an Eye on the Origins of an Important Grape Pathogen”

Daniel Wiltsie (Michael Campbell) - $1,192
“Pilot Study to Establish Next Generation DNA Sequencing as a Tool to Assess Species Diversity in Presque Isle Bay”

Leah Wolfe (Michael Campbell) - $1,200
“Investigating whether the Protein Changes in Response to DMN by Examining the Expressions Levels for KRP1 and CYCD3”