2009 Undergraduate Student Summer Research Fellowships


Each grant lists individual student researcher(s) with respective cooperating faculty member(s) in parenthesis.




Andrew Friedle (Todd Nesbit) - $1,200
“The Causes and Consequences of a Strong Central Government on Fiscal Federalism”

Eliska Repkova (Kenneth Louie) - $1,200
“What is the Relationship between Foreign Aid, Foreign Direct Investment and the Education of Women?”

Derek Wagner (James Kurre) - $1,200
“Brain Drain of College Students in Erie”

Jenna Zeyfang (Saad Andaleeb) - $1,200
“The Difference between French and American Restaurant Consumerism”




Jeffrey Beers (John Roth) - $1,200
“Design of a Double Point Incremental Forming Test Setup”

Trevor Collins (John Roth) - $1,200
“Examination of the Effects of Direct Current Assisted Die Forming on Magnesium”

Jeff Dennington (John Roth) - $1,200
“Friction Welding Improvements through the Application of Direct Current”

Jacob Dolecki (Jun Zhou and John Roth) - $1,200
“Electrically Enhanced Friction Stir Welding”

Jeffrey Erdman (William Lasher) - $1,200
“Assessing the Wind-Heel Angle Relationship of Traditionally Rigged Sailing Vessels”

Andrew Faivre (Yi Wu) - $1,200
“Transient Model of a Small Centrifugal Pump in Different Viscosity”

Nicole Frisbee (John Roth) - $1,200
“Electrically Assisted Manufacturing Process Effects on Microstructure of Magnesium and Aluminum Alloys”

Nathan Hansen (Oladipo Onipede) - $1,200
“Dynamic and Static Modeling of Micro-Beams”

Justin Milner (John Roth) - $1,200
“Construction and Forming of Double Point Incremental Forming”

Nicholas Murray (Jun Zhou and John Roth) - $1,200
“Modeling the Effects of an Applied DC Current During Friction Stir Welding”

Derek Suen (John Roth) - $1,200
“Friction Weld Efficiency Enhancement through the Application of a Direct Electric Current”

Michael Wargo (Yi Wu) - $1,200
“Steady State Test of a Small Centrifugal Pump in Different Viscosity”




Mohammed Al-Bidhawi (Leigh-Ann Bedal) - $1,200
“The Petra Garden and Pool Complex Excavation (Jordan)”

Erin Dyne (Dawn Blasko) - $1,200
“The Influence of Personality Traits on Academic Performance”

Christine Giuliano, Chris Brown, Dan Hido, Beth Bimber, Zach Goncz, and Matt Shuster (John Gamble) - $3,000
“Comprehensive Statistical Database of Multilateral Treaties (CSDMT) Project”

Lindsay Hilldorfer (Leigh-Ann Bedal) - $1,200
“The Petra Garden and Pool Complex Excavation (Jordan)”

Janice Jerome and Cara Jones (Victoria Kazmerski) - $2,400
“School Features and their Influence on Learning: Taking a Look at Green Kids”

Kara Sementilli and Kristin Stranahan (Dawn Blasko) - $2,355
“Effects of Arousal on Explicit Programming and Brand Recall”

Danielle Wilson and Jesse Eisert (Victoria Kazmerski) - $2,400
“Mind and Body: Embodied Cognition and its Effects on Performance”

Danielle Young (Dawn Blasko) - $1,200
“Applying the VIZ Project to Embodied Cognition”




Richard Anderson and Jack Horst (Meng Su) - $2,400
“Multiscale Analysis of Document Corpora and Handwritten Characters using Diffusion Methods”

Kellie Baker (James Warren Jr.) - $1,200
“Biological Illustrations Relating to the Animal Development Laboratory and Research Conducted Using Danio rerio at Penn State Erie”

William Boylan (Martin Kociolek) - $1,200
“Synthesis of Flavanoid Benzisoxazole-N-Oxides”

Jessica Burnett (Beth Potter) - $1,200
“Exploring How N-glycans Mediate Apical Delivery in Polarized Epithelial Cells”

Brianne Campbell (Heather Jones) - $1,200
“Co-Assembly of the KCNN Family of Proteins: Co-Immunoprecipitation and FRET”

Casey Fye (Jason Bennett) - $1,200
“Development of Mn-Based Porphyrin Electrocatalysts for Selective Detection of Nitric Oxide”

Nicole Gall (Bruce Wittmershaus) - $1,200
“Size Dependence of Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence from Dye-Coated Silver Nanoparticles”

Olivia Hoermann (Martin Kociolek) - $1,200
“Synthesis of Novel Ring Derivatives of 3,5-Diphenylisoxazole”

Melanie Knowlton (Michael Justik) - $1,200
“Heterocycles Synthesized from Pyridine N-Oxide and Alkynyliodonium Salts”

Jeffrey McCausland (G. William Baxter) - $1,200
“Jamming of Low-Aspect Ratio Granular Media”

Kolby McIntyre (Margaret Voss) - $1,200
“A Survey of Farm Management Techniques and the Potential for Control of Parasitic Nematodes in Horses”

Raúl Montejo (Joseph Previte and Michelle Previte) - $1,200
“Application of Vertex Replacement Rules to the Horospheres of CW Complexes”

Christian Mosebach (Beth Potter and Margaret Voss) - $1,200
“Identification of Bacterial Isolates from Nests of Three Native American Songbirds”

Julie Ober, Moriah Johngrass, and David Stull (James Warren Jr.) - $3,600
“The Generation and Raising of Mutant and Transgenic Lines of Zebrafish (Danio rerio)”

James Pander (Jason Bennett) - $1,200
“Assessing the Electrochemical Activity of Nickel-Based Porphyrins towards the Oxidation of NO, CO, and H2S”

Matthew Ritz (Anthony Foyle and Michael Naber) - $1,200
“Hydrogeologic Characterization of an Upland Forest Wetland, Penn State Behrend Campus”

Marcie Ryhal (Carley Gwin) - $1,193
“Mitochondrial DNA Comparisons of Spotted Salamander Populations at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College”

Mark Towner (Heather Jones) - $1,200
“Effects of Chaperone Inhibitors of hIK1 and SK3 Trafficking and Expression”

Michelle Wunderley, Andrew Stauffer, and Robert Aeppli (Michael Naber and Anthony Foyle) - $3,600
“Merging Previous Research Projects Forming a Geographic Information System (GIS) of Penn State Behrend; Including the Arboretum, Wintergreen Gorge, and the Buildings and Pathways on Campus”

Kathleen Yungwirth (Alan Jircitano) - $1,200
“Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Photochromic Platinum (II) Complexes”