2007 Undergraduate Student Summer Research Fellowships


Each grant lists individual student researcher(s) with respective cooperating faculty member(s) in parenthesis.




Jordan Gilmore (Kerry King) - $1,200
"Does Media Coverage of Economic Events Impact Legislative Voting Behavior"



Kristofer Barns (Dean Lewis) - $1,200
"Finite Element Analysis Investigation of the Compressive-Hook Integral Attachment Feature for Predicting Loading Capability"

Robert Cook (Dean Lewis) - $1,200
"An Investigation into the Effects of Cryogenic Treating ABS Plastics on Material Properties"

Charles Crespi (Dean Lewis) - $1,200
"Experimental Investigation of the Compressive Hook Integral Attachment Feature for Predicting Feature Failure"

Logan Flaherty (William Lasher) - $1,200
"Experimental Measurements of Unsteady Flow Fields behind Spinnakers"

John Jackson (John Roth) - $1,200
"Effects of Using DC Current on Various Materials during Forging Processes with Shaped Dies"

Daniel Mauck (John Roth) - $1,200
"Using DC Electrical Current to Investigate the Enhanced Ductility of Various Aluminum Alloys"

Mitchell Reckner (Oladipo Onipede) - $1,200
"Design and Testing of SMA Embedded Composite Wings"

Aaron Ross (John Roth) - $1,200
"Using Direct Electric Current to Enhance the Compressive Behavior of Ceramic and Glass Materials"

Joseph Shaffer (Yi Wu) - $1,200
"The Interaction between the Human Circulatory System and the Muscle Pump Function"

Nicklas Sherman (Thomas Briselden) - $1,200
"Feasibility of a High Temperature Silicon Carbide Fan"

Thomas Spinner (Russell Warley) - $1,200
"Effect of Exothermic Reaction Enthalpy on the Location of Minimum State of Cure in a Molded Component"

David Tullai (John Roth) - $1,200
"An Analysis of the Material Properties and Lifespan of Cryogenically Treated Nylon"




Jimmie Hodge and Megan Miller (Dawn Blasko, Kathy Holliday-Darr, and Jennifer Trich Kremer) - $2,400
"The Viz Project: Research on Spatial Visualization"



Jordan Gilmore (Rodney Troester) - $1,200
"The Effect of Media on Consumer Confidence"

Kurt Maloney, Leslie Sargent, Beth Slomski, and Ryan Watson (John Gamble) - $4,100
"Comprehensive Statistical Database of Multilateral Treaties (CSDMT)"

Elizabeth Twohig (Cathy Schlund-Vials) - $800
"Un-Gendering the Sublime through Masochistic Unveiling"

Andrew Walker, Bethany Hanus, Kristin McQueeney, Alicia Dunbar, Chelsea Fenush, and Megan Hoffman (Dawn Blasko, Victoria Kazmerski, and Jennifer Trich Kremer) - $7,200
"Music and the Mind"



Melanie Brewer (Pamela Silver) - $1,800
"The Response of Turtle Hatchlings to Soil Moisture Gradients"

Stephanie Burbules (James Warren Jr.) - $1,350
"Molecular Genetic Analysis of Folate Metabolism in the Zebrafish (Danio rerio): Analysis of the in vivo Role of BHMT in Early Development"

Adam Carlisle (Darren Williams) - $1,200
"Dynamical Stability and Evolution of Planetary and Satellite Systems"

Amanda Daniels (Lisa Mangel) - $3,387 (Funded by Pennsylvania Sea Grant)
"Avian Population/Habitat Assessment for Presque Isle State Park"

Todd Eckroat (David Hunnicutt) - $1,200
"Biofilm Formation by Flavobacteria"

R. Wesley Flynn (James Warren Jr.) - $1,200
"Analysis of Folate Metabolism and its Effects on Neural Tube Development in the Early Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Embryo"

Megan Gapinski (Lisa Mangel) - $2,450
"Avian Population/Habitat Assessment for the Lake Pleasant Wetlands"

Bennett Giardina (Michael Campbell) - $1,200
"Creation of a Vector for the Expression of an Acetolactate Synthase-YFP Fusion Protein"

Jennifer Hughes (Pamela Silver) - $1,800
"The Spatial Movements and Microhabitats of Fowler=s Toads (Bufo fowleri) at Presque Isle State Park and Herpetological Inventory"

Meredith Hyldahl (Bruce Wittmershaus) - $1,193
"The Recovery of Photodegradation of CdSe/ZnS Core-Shell Quantum Dots in Luminescent Solar Concentrators"

Alicia Klinvex (Blair Tuttle) - $1,200
"C++ Programs for Studying the Amorphization of Silicon"

Andrew Law (Martin Kociolek) - $1,200
"Synthesis of Naturally Occurring Anthocyanins and Their Derivatives"

David Machuga and Brian Sneeringer (James Warren Jr.) - $2,400
"An in vivo Analysis of the Role of the Glycine Cleavage System in Early Zebrafish Development"

Alissa Mague (Heather Jones) - $1,200
"Role of Nitric Oxide in the Expression and Function of the Human Intermediate Conductance Calcium Activated Potassium Channel, hIK1"

Joshua Meyer (Michael Campbell) - $1,200
"Investigations of the Interaction of the Genes NDP1 and OHP in the ndp-in1 Arabidopsis thaliana Mutant using QT PCR"

Dennis Paskorz Jr. (Scott Stevens) - $1,200
"Fractal Insight into Capillaries of Cancerous Tissue and Medicine Delivery"

Joe Pleso (Paul Olson and Paul Becker) - $1,200
"Surreal Analysis of Go"

Daniel Ranayhossaini (Margaret Voss) - $1,200
"An Investigation of the Hemotoxicity of the Secretion of the Duvernoy=s Gland of the Northern Water Snake (Nerodia sipedon)"

Adam Rhodes, Chris Mosebach, Abe Kibbey, and Daryl Nowacki (Yi-Hong Wang) - $4,800
"Roles of Retrotransposons in Plant Development"

Natalie Romano (Jay Amicangelo) - $1,200
"Characterization of Methanol Complexes with Benzene and Hexafluorobenzene in Nitrogen and Argon Matrices Using Matrix-Isolation Infrared Spectroscopy"

Erika Segear (Michael Campbell) - $1,200
"Analysis of Global Gene Expression Changes in Potato Meristems Treated with Dimethylnaphthalene"

Jeremy Sopko (Joseph Previte) - $1,200
"A Coupled Oscillator Model Applied to the Spinal Cord of a Sea Lamprey"

Jesse Stimpson (Scott Stevens) - $1,200
"A Modeling Study of Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension"

Monika Tobiszewska (Scott Stevens) - $1,200
"Comparison of Intracranial Pressure Models for the Study of Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension"

Kathryn Warner (Bruce Wittmershaus) - $1,200
"Accurately Determining Photo-Degradation Rates of Luminescent Solar Concentrators"

Colleen White (Heather Jones) - $1,200
"The Role of HSP70 and HSP90 Binding Proteins in the Trafficking and Function of KCNN Potassium Channels"


Alyssa Zimmerman (Michael Justik) - $1,200
"Novel Syntheses of Isoxazolo[2,3-α]pyridinium Salts by Reaction of Pyridine N-oxides with Alkynyliodonium Tosylates"