2006 Undergraduate Student Summer Research Fellowships

Each grant lists individual student researcher(s) with respective cooperating faculty member(s) in parenthesis.




Alexander Kazmierczak (James Kurre) - $1,200
"What Type of Products= Prices Vary More Across Space?  An Initial Examination"

Jason Pflueger (James Kurre) - $1,200
"What Causes the Link between Income Inequality and Manufacturing Employment?"

Elizabeth Stablein (Michael Brown and Michael Maloni) - $1,200
"Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the Supply Chain: Assessing Current Practices in the Food Industry"



Matthew Baker (Wen-Li Wang) - $1,115
"Studying Audio Protocols and Developing a Software System for Recording, Playback, and Signal Monitoring"

Justin Beale (Thomas Hemminger) - $1,200
"Small Object Radar Filtering"

Russell Carter (Oladipo Onipede) - $1,200
"Design and Testing of SMA Embedded Composite Wings"

John Donovan (John Roth) - $1,200
"Testing and Analyzing the Effects of DC Current on the Material Properties of Various Metals"

Edward Falk (John Roth) - $1,200
"Cryogenic Treatment of Coated Tungsten Carbide Tools and its Effect on Tool Life"

Joshua Green (James Sonnenmeier) - $1,200
"Measurement and Calculation of the Aerodynamic Performance of Twisted Wings - Part II"

Kent McKee (William Lasher) - $1,200
"Calculating Heeling Moments on the Brig Niagara"

Thomas Spinner (John Roth) - $1,200
"Optimization and Tool Library Expansion for On-line Directionally Independent Failure Prediction of Mill Cutting Tools"

Kevin Sunealitis (Oladipo Onipede) - $1,200
"Finite Element Analysis of Electrostatically Driven Micro-Beams"

Matthew Warner (John Roth) - $1,200
"Effects of DC Current on the Mechanical Properties of Various Metals"

Alexander Winter (Robert Weissbach) - $1,200
"Data Analysis and Software Development for a Wind Energy Protocol"



Jenna Beck, Jimmie Hodge, Eric Johnson, Ivan Lopez, Megan Miller, Matt Morrison, Lauren Wagner, and Matt Widdowson (Dawn Blasko, Kathy Holliday-Darr,
Derek Mace, Jennifer Trich Kremer, and Ronald Krahe) - $9,600
"Interdisciplinary Project to Develop Activities to Enhance Spatial Visualization"




Kevin Belknap, Mike Long, Sabina Medilovic, Leslie Sargent, Cassidy Schenley, and Chris Strayer (John Gamble) - $4,406
"Comprehensive Statistical Database of Multilateral Treaties (CSDMT)"

Angela Speck and Andrew Walker (Dawn Blasko and Victoria Kazmerski) - $2,400
"Analyzing How Sex Differences and Relational Aggression Influence Sarcasm Processing"

Stephen Wingerter (Cathy Mester and Rod Troester) - $1,170
"Behavioral Standards at Fortune 500 'Best Companies': The Civility Component"



Robert Blanner III (Martin Kociolek) - $1,200
"Investigating the Synthesis and Reactivity of Monosubstituted Isoxazoles"

Casey Bradshaw (Pamela Silver and Jeanette Schnars) - $1,200
"Use of Polarized Light as an Orientation Cue towards Water in Painted Turtles"

Anita Brock (David Hunnicutt) - $1,200
"Nasal Carriage of Community-Acquired Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in a Healthy Population of College Students"

Stephanie Burbules (James Warren Jr.) - $1,200
"Molecular Genetic Analysis of Folate Metabolism in the Zebrafish (Danio rerio): Analysis of the in vivo Role of BHMT in Early Development"

W. Clay Campbell (Michael Campbell) - $1,200
"The Development of Antisense NDP1, OHP2, and Overlapping Region Mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana for the Determination of Gene Function and Regulation"

Andrew Collins-Hed (Michael Campbell and Yi-Hong Wang) - $1,200
"Modification of Branched-Chain Amino Acids in Tomato Fruit by Changing Expression of the Enzyme Acetolactate Synthase"

Todd Eckroat (David Hunnicutt) - $1,200
"Pathogenesis of Flavobacterium in Zebrafish"

Ashley Ethridge (Pamela Silver and Jeanette Schnars) - $1,200
"Nesting Ecology of Chelydra serpentina in Lake Erie Watershed"

Megan Hammers (Heather Jones) - $1,200
"Effects of CPT-11, a Chemotherapeutic Agent Used in Colorectal Cancer, on Colonic Secretion"

Jennifer Hughes (Pamela Silver and Jeanette Schnars) - $1,200
"Herpetological Study of the Species of Frogs and Toads at Presque Isle State Park"

Meredith Hyldahl (Bruce Wittmershaus) - $1,199
"The Photostability of CdSe/ZnS Core-Shell Quantum Dots in Luminescent Solar Concentrators"

Matthew Jackel (Martin Kociolek) - $1,200
"Synthesis of Substituted 1-Benzoxepin Derivatives from 3-Carboxyisoxazoles"

Benjamin Kuhn (Heather Jones) - $1,200
"Defining a Role for Intracellular Chaperones in Trafficking of the KCNN Potassium Channel Proteins"

Ashley Loker (Heather Jones) - $1,200
"Effects Growth Factors on Colonic and Airway Chloride Secretion"

Jeffrey Machusko (Darren Williams) - $1,200
"Dynamical Response of the Moon to a Major Impact on the Early Earth"

Alissa Mague (Heather Jones) - $1,200
"Role of Growth Factors in the Expression and Function of the Human Intermediate Conductance Calcium (Ca2+) Activated Potassium (K+) Channel hIK1"

Erin Mathes (David Hunnicutt) - $1,200
"Localization of Flavobacterium johnsoniae and Flavobacterium columnare in Danio rerio"

Jonathan McDowell (Pamela Silver and Jeanette Schnars) - $1,200
"Proposal of Herpetological Collection at Presque Isle State Park"

Michelle McGregor (Margaret Voss) - $1,200
"Microbial Effects on Nesting Mortality"

Keri McNamara (Martin Kociolek) - $1,200
"Synthetic Studies toward the Synthesis of 1-Benzoxepin Natural Products"

Joshua Meyer (Michael Campbell) - $1,200
"Investigation of the Interaction of the Genes NDP1 and OHP in Arabidopsis thaliana"

Stacey Olechowicz and Julie Miller (James Warren Jr.) - $2,400
"Investigating the in vivo Functions of the Fragile X Gene Family in Zebrafish through Gene Knockdowns"

Stephen Oyler (Lola Deets) - $1,200
"Environmental Sustainability through Agroforestry, Organic and Fair Trade Certification"

Frank Pagel (Michael Campbell) - $1,200
AInvestigating the Overlapping Region of the NDP1 and OHP Genes in Arabidopsis thaliana"

Joe Pleso (Paul Olson) - $1,200
"The Game of Go and Surreal Analysis"

Daniel Rogers (Lisa Mangel) - $1,200
"Support Network and Facilities Required for Skeletal Preparation"

Emma Rogers (Lisa Mangel) - $1,200
"Care, Maintenance, and Growth of a Dermestid Beetle Colony"

Kristen Schnepp (Pamela Silver and Jeanette Schnars) - $1,200
"Proposal for a Herpetological Inventory of Presque Isle State Park"

Erika Segear (Michael Campbell) - $1,200
"Microarray Analysis of the Potato Genome"

Casandra Sheldon (Jennifer Holt) - $1,200
"Investigations of the Orientations of Merocyanine Dyes in Zolites Host Materials"

Mark Stauffer and Shannon Rupprecht (Pamela Silver) - $2,400
"The Effect of Road Salt (NaCl) on Life History Characteristics of Chironomus riparus (Diptera, Chironomidae)"

Christopher Suprock (Lawrence Downey) - $1,200
"Image Compression using Quadrant Decomposition, Dimensional Correlation, and Functional Compression"

Kaile Taylor and Daryl Nowacki (Yi-Hong Wang) - $2,400
"Generation of Activation-Tagged Tomato Plants for Functional Genomics"

Colleen White (Heather Jones) - $1,200
"The Role of Protein 14-3-3 in Trafficking and Function of the KCNN Potassium Channels"

Malorie Winters (Joseph Previte) - $1,200
"Feedback of a Scavenger on Competing Species and Lotka-Volterra Models"


Kala Wolfe (Margaret Voss) - $1,200
"The Effects of Clutch Size on Incubation Period and the Heating and Cooling Rates of Eggs in the House Wren"