2015 Undergraduate Student Fall Semester Research Grants

Each grant lists individual student researcher(s) with respective cooperating faculty member(s) in parentheses.



Ian Anderl (Chetan Nikhare) - $700
“An Analysis on Elastic Recovery and Residual Hoop Stress in Steel-Aluminum Rings”

Nazlihan Argun (Adam Hollinger) - $700
“Manufacture and Testing of Microscale Methanol Fuel Cells”

Arin Reese (David Loker and Stephen Strom) - $700
“Development of Android Application Supporting Real-Time Gait Analysis”

Lauren Bertges (Adam Hollinger) - $700
“Manufacturing of Multilayer Miscroscale Fuel Cells”

Shaun Chiesa (Ihab Ragai) - $700
“Effect of Heating Rates Using Conventional Methods on the Mechanical Properties of Steel”

Ryan Ciuca (Philip Jones) - $700
“Magnetorheological (MR) Dampers on Late Model Dirt Track Race Cars”

Justin Ford (David Loker, George Walters, and Yi Wu) - $700
"RF Transmission in Neural Prosthesis”

Jamie Gloeckner and Scott DeLaney (Ihab Ragai and John Roth) - $1,400
“Effect of Rapid Heating and Compressing on Material Properties of Steel”

Tyler Grimm (John Roth and Ihab Ragai) - $700
“A Novel Incremental Forming Toolpath’s Effect on Formability of 2024 T3 Aluminum”

Julia Rae Guidry (Chetan Nikhare) - $700
“Investigation of the Springback in Long Channels”

Daniel Klacik (Chetan Nikhare) - $700
“Experiments on Strain Development during Tube Flaring Process”

Rachael Knox (Rick Huang) - $700
“Root Causes Analysis: Prolonged Turnover Time in Operating Rooms”

Paul Montagna (Adam Hollinger) - $700
“Combined Modeling and Experimental Analysis of Microscale Fuel Cells”

Johnathan Moody  (Shraddha Sangelkar) - $700
“Designing Multipurpose Products”

Samantha Ndungu Muhhuku (David Loker, Stephen Strom, and Chetan Nikhare) - $700
“Acoustic Noise Emission Data Collection”

Trey Neveux (John Roth and Ihab Ragai) - $700
“Locally Applied Electric Current’s Effect on Springback Reduction on Single Point Incremental Forming for Varying Thicknesses of Aluminum”

Sara O’Boyle (Ihab Ragai, Chetan Nikhare, and David Loker) - $700
“Design of a Quenching Mechanism and Analysis of Acoustic Emission”

Jonathan Otto and Jacklyn Niebauer (Ihab Ragai and John Roth) - $1,400
“Effect of Applied Electric Currents on Springback for 90-Degree Bending of Stainless Steel”

Travis Roney (David Loker, Stephen Strom, and Chetan Nikhare) - $700
“Acoustic Noise Emission Data Analysis for Industrial Processes”

Christopher Ruppen (Chetan Nikhare) - $700
“Analysis of Sheet Metal Trimming Operation by Passing Electric Current”

Derek Shaffer (John Roth and Ihab Ragai) - $700
“Effect of Cryogenic Treatments on XSYTIN: A Microstructural Analysis”

Emmett Vorisek (John Roth and Ihab Ragai) - $700
"Effects of Electrical Assistance to Dissimilar Stir Friction Weld”

Angela Zorn (Rick Huang) - $700
“Workflow-Oriented Perspective: Redesign the Layout of an Emergency Department


Christa Franco and Allison Rupe (Melanie Hetzel-Riggin) - $1,400
“Bystander Risk Recognition Study”

Allison Gage (Heather Lum) - $350
“Animal Emotionality and Eye Tracking”

Nur Amira Kamaruddin, Jessica Stoker, Christa Franco, and Taylor Morris (Victoria Kazmerski) - $310
“Male and Female Objectification in Popular Music”

Kyle Mink, John Strange, and Richard Greatbatch (Heather Lum) - $2,100
“The Role of Technomorphism in Perceptions of a Virtual World”

Taylor Morris, Danielle Carioto, Rebecca Dinsmore, Allison Gage, and Rachel Zimmerman (Melanie Hetzel-Riggin) - $3,150
“I Will Intervene… Examining the Effectiveness of a Promotional Giveaway Social Norms Campaign”

Jason Shultz and Jessica Stoker (Carol Wilson) - $700
“Effects of Money Reminders on Couple Dynamics”

Alysha Simmons, Hau Tuang, Cherylann Carter, Rachel Mooney, and Rachel Misterovich (Victoria Kazmerski, Dawn Blasko, and Shariffah Dawood) - $3,100
“Sarcasm-Is it a Joke?”

Alysha Simmons and Rachel Mooney (Victoria Kazmerski) - $400
“Music and Attention: The Effect of Visual Distractions on Attention to Auditory Stimuli”

Tyler Uber, Kieu Nguyen, and Corey Sheard (Victoria Kazmerski) - $1,100
“Concussions: Long-Term Consequences for Memory and Balance”

Grace Waldfogle, Nick Bowser, and Dominik Dodds (Dawn Blasko and Heather Lum) - $2,100
“Finding your way in the World: The Role of Spatial Intelligence”


 Taylor Francis (Todd Cook) - $700
“Investigating the Thermal Preferences of Ancient Sharks in the Late Albian Western Interior Seaway”

 Michelle Hornedo, Marissa Duvall, Colleen Miller, and Melissa Tarquinio (Beth Potter) - $2,100
“A Continuing Study Examining the Effectiveness of Agion Technology on Campus Door Handles”

 Jue-En Hung (Kelly Miller) - $700
“Testing Nano-Mineralized Zinc Use As an Antiseptic”

 MaryAnn Mason, Kristen Webster, Gabriel Imler, and Luke Patten (Beth Potter) - $1,800
“Examination of the Antibacterial Role of Uropygial Gland Secretions of Purple Martins”

 Emily Mitchell (James Warren) - $700
“Determining the Mechanisms behind Developmental Defects when the Folic Acid Cycle is Disrupted during Zebrafish Embryonic Development”

 Katherine Rebman (Todd Cook) - $700
“Utilizing Fossil Shark Teeth as a Biostratigraphical Tool”

 Joel Solomon (Bruce Wittmershaus) - $700
“Enhancing the Photostability of Fluorophores Using Metal Enhanced Fluorescence”