2014 Undergraduate Student Spring Semester Research Grants


Each grant list individual student researcher(s) with respective cooperating faculty member(s) in parentheses.




Sean Allen and Brittany Martinelli (James Kurre) - $1,400
“iPhones vs. Eye doctors: What Attributes of Metropolitan Areas Entice People 25-29, and 65 and Over to Move There?”

Geoffrey Morgan (Kathleen Noce) - $700
“Big Data in Behrend Curriculum”

Amanda Myers and Natasha Terensky (John Fizel) - $1,400
“Work Smarter, Not Harder”

Miranda Pytlarz (Kathleen Noce) - $700
“Partnership Erie Community Outreach Business Intelligence Solution”



Andrew Arnold (Adam Hollinger) - $700
“Injection Molding of Microscale Fuel Cells”

Christopher Conklin (David Loker and John Roth) - $700
“Acoustic Noise Emission Data Collection and Analysis”

Kurt Crytzer (Adam Hollinger) - $700
“3D Printing of Microscale Fuel Cells”

Luke Elliott (David Loker and John Roth) - $700
“Embedded Wireless Sensors for Biometric Force Measurement”

Tyler Ewing (Xiaocong Fan) - $700
“An Experimental Approach to Optimizing an Optical Character Recognition System”

Patrick Haney, Nathan Greene, and Matthew McGee (Alicyn Rhoades and Bradley Johnson) - $2,100
“Coconut Shell and Oil Additives for Tough Olefin Composites”

Joseph Humphrey (Chetan Nikhare and John Roth) - $700
“Effect of Pre-Strain on Electric Flow through the AA 5083 Material”

Matthew Ihrig (Chetan Nikhare and John Roth) - $700
“Square Cup Forming through Innovative Process”

Stephen Lester (Chetan Nikhare and John Roth) - $700
“Investigation of Hole Expansion on AA 5083 Aluminum Alloy”

Megan Lobdell (John Roth) - $700
“Friction Stir Welding Setup and Implementation”

Matthew McCormick (John Roth) - $700
“Wear-Monitoring Tool Holder”

Nathan Myers (Robert Edwards) - $700
“Development of a Convective Heat Transfer Exercise”

Christopher Scriva (John Roth) - $700
“Stir Friction Spot Welding”

Nathan Siebert (Russell Warley) - $700
“Design of Experiment for Effectiveness of a Thermal Protective Coating for Automotive Components”

William Trozzo (Chetan Nikhare and John Roth) - $700
“A Study on E-Value Change at Different Strain during 5083 Aluminum Alloy Tensile Test”

Eric Vunovic (Russell Warley) - $700
“Explosive Decompression Design Principles”




Matthew Campbell (Matthew White and Heather Lum) - $700
“Human Factors and Implementation Analysis of a High-Precision Game Controller”




Christina Ayers, Erica Edwards, and Sarah Craig (Victoria Kazmerski) - $700
“Deception Detection: Examining Individual Differences”

Nicole Bell, Natalie Corso, Rachel Hido, and Breanna Foster (Carol Wilson) - $980
“Romantic Relationships and Monetary Discussions”

Sean Bogart and Natalie Corso (Margaret Burke and Melanie Hetzel-Riggin) - $700
“STEM = STIM: Are STEM Majors at Greater Risk for Stimulant Abuse?”

Kayla Cochran, Chelsea Chase, and Kara Steele (Charisse Nixon) - $200
“What Are the Mediating Factors on Either Positive or Negative Adjustment on Bullies, Victims, and Bystanders?”

Kayla Cochran and Chelsea Chase (Charisse Nixon, Nicole Shoenberger, and Dharma Jairam) - $1,400
“Pennsylvania Aggression Reduction Center”

Mauricio Cortes, Lillian Gabreski, Matthew Lesnett, Taylor Pokrant, Michael Rebman, and Katelyn Stojanovic (John Gamble) - $2,400
“Comprehensive Statistical Database of Multilateral Treaties Project”

Margaret Eimers, Vidhya Venkataraman, and Anthony Gahagen (Charisse Nixon) - $180
“Finding the Sweet Spot in College Student Involvement”

Robert Fogle, Alicia McAllister, Christie Leslie, and Erica Edwards (Dawn Blasko, Victoria Kazmerski, and Shariffah Sheik Dawood) - $2,800
“Pouncing on Perception: Understanding Metaphor and Sarcasm”

Maurina Grandinetti, Emily Galeza, Brianna Zaffino, and Catherine Bertges (Heather Lum) - $2,500
“A Collaborative Project Examining Aspects of Human-Animal Interactions between Live and Virtual Training Scenario”

Jacqueline Husted, Alison DeFurio, and Alyssa Craig (Victoria Kazmerski) - $300
“Stress Levels and Demands of Athletics”

Stephanie Johnson, Megan White, and Christine Winkelbauer (Victoria Kazmerski) - $700
“Attentional Focus and Background Music in Gaming: An Empirical Study”

Callie Keating and Natalie Corso (Shariffah Sheik Dawood) - $1,200
“Women in Leadership: No Longer a Man’s World”

Kayla Kedzior, Jillian Robertson, and Danial Zonna (Charisse Nixon) - $243
“The Effects of Environmental and Individual Factors on Peer and Romantic Relationship”

Kaitlyn Matty and Mary Havers (Carol Wilson) - $1,400
“Attachment, Social Support, and Pain”

John Moore and Katelyn Marsh (Melanie Hetzel-Riggin) - $1,400
“Betrayal Trauma: Effects on Conflict Management Style with Authority Figures”

Natalie Polana and Erica Robertson (Victoria Kazmerski) - $150
“Relations between Student Stress and Cell Phone Use”

Michael Rebman, William Shelstad, and Jordan Lyon (Charisse Nixon) - $297
“Effect of Media on Thoughts and Behaviors”

Michael Rebman (John Gamble) - $700
“Survey of Academic International Law”

Michael Squeglia, Alicia Carroll, and Douglas Kelly (Charisse Nixon) - $175
“Effects of Critical Hype on Consumer Expectations”

Megan White, Callie Keating, and Christine Winkelbauer (Dawn Blasko and Heather Lum) - $1,400
“VIZ Collaborative Project: Using Spatial Skills in the Real World”



Bradley Abramson and Rodney Wells (Papiya Bhattacharjee) - $1,400
“Various Prime Numbers”

Mohammed Al Shibar (Michael Campbell) - $700
“Effects of 1,4-Dimethylnapthalene on Yeast’s (Saccharamyces cerevisae) Amino Acid Metabolism and Gene Expression”

Chris Alverson (Jason Bennett) - $700
“Investigating the Effect of the Electrode Support Material on the Electrodeposition of Ferriprotoporphyrin”

Allexyss Brown (James Warren) - $700
“Perturbing Folate Metabolism through the Morpholino Knockdown of BHMT in Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Embryos”

Nicholas Burton (Michael Justik) - $700
“Exploration of the Reaction of Novel Alkynyl Iodonium Salts with Phenoxides”

Alex Campbell and Andrew Lawrence (Matthew Gruwell) - $1,296
“Genome Annotation of Brownia rhizoecola

William Emmel and Kevin Nelen (Papiya Bhattacharjee) - $1,400
“Functions and Higher Dimensional Geometry”

Jon Fifer (Martin Kociolek) - $700
“Novel Benzisoxazole 2-Oxides as Metal Coordinating Ligands”

Nicholas Friedl (G. William Baxter) - $700
“Jamming of Low-Aspect Ratio Granular Materials in Size Varying Vertical Channels”

Nicole Gardner (Jason Bennett) - $700
“Investigating the Effects of Electrochemical Analysis of Electrodeposited Dicyano-Ferriprotoporphyrin”

Dan Hoang, Kaitlin Pander, Sean Weaver, and Aimee Day (Beth Potter) - $2,800
“Determining the Bacterial Diversity on the Surface of Purple Martin Eggs”

Michael Jaskolka (Michael Campbell) - $700
“Determining the Presence of 2-Amino-5-Phenylpentanoic Acid in Unroasted Kentucky Coffee Tree Seeds Using HPLC”

Rachel Mercaldo, Katelyn Melvin, Hasan Khan, Brenton Maloney, and Paul Ruiz (Beth Potter) - $3,450
“Determining the Antimicrobial Effectiveness of Agion Silver Technology on Door Handles within the Penn State Erie Campus”

Matthew Moesta (Jason Bennett) - $700
“Developing a Method to Coat Pt with Carbonaceous Materials to Act as a Support for Needle-type Amperometric Sensors”

Amanda Pawlowski (Mary Grace Galinato) - $700
“Conformational Preferences of Diphenylurea Samples in Different Solvent Environments”

Alexis Rowley (Michael Justik) - $700
“Synthesis of the First Examples of Chirality at Iodine: Diaryliodosyl Salts”

Kathryn Sauka (Michael Justik) - $700
“Application of BF3-CH3OH towards the Direct Alkylation of Aromatic Hydrocarbons with Hypervalent Iodine”

Ethan Smith (William Baxter and Christopher Gee) - $700
“Effect of Electric Fields on Fungi Growth”

Amanda Stetz (Mary Grace Galinato) - $700
“Monitoring the Effect of Heme Electron Density on Mb Nitrite Reductase Activity”

Samantha Storti (James Warren) - $700
“Genetic Perturbation of Folate Metabolism through Knockdown of Methionine Synthase in Zebrafish”

Benjamin Tilley and Jacob Clancy (Papiya Bhattacharjee) - $1,400
“Fourth Dimensional Spheres and Their Physical Properties”

Robert Volkin (Antonio Mastroberardino) - $700
“Optimal Control Dynamics of Radiotherapy in Tumor Growth Models”

Seth Weible (Bruce Wittmershaus) - $700
“Varying of White Background Distances behind Luminescent Solar Concentrators”