2011 Undergraduate Student Fall Semester Research Grants


Each grant lists student researcher(s) with respective cooperating faculty member(s) in parenthesis.




Melissa Hess (Mary Beth Pinto and Phylis Mansfield) - $700
“The Use of Social Media in Student Complaining Behavior”




John Curtin ( Fadi Abu-Farha) - $700
“Formability of Aluminium Alloy AA5083 at High Temperatures”

Catherine Franks (Fadi Abu-Farha) - $700
“Isothermal vs. Non-Isothermal Testing of Magnesium and Aluminium Alloys”

Stefan Gracik (William Lasher) - $700
“Exploring the Capabilities of OpenFOAM CFD Software”

Matthew Heid (Fadi Abu-Farha) - $700
“Isothermal vs. Non-Isothermal Testing of Magnesium and Aluminium Alloys”

Daniel Linden (Xiaocong Fan) - $700
“A Lightweight Multilayer GIS for Network-Centric Warfare”

Daniel Lowe (Fadi Abu-Farha) - $700
“Post-Pneumatic Forming Mechanical Properties of Lightweight Alloys”

Michael Matczak (Fadi Abu-Farha) - $700
“Isothermal vs. Non-Isothermal Testing of Magnesium and Aluminium Alloys”

Nathaniel Moraca (Xiaocong Fan) - $700
“A Multi-Agent Based Diffusion Toolkit”

Eric Orton (Fadi Abu-Farha) - $700
“Post-Pneumatic Forming Mechanical Properties of Lightweight Alloys”

Lucas Schmude (Robert Weissbach) - $700
“Wireless Control of an Autonomous Vehicle”

Nicholas Snyder (Fadi Abu-Farha) - $700
“Formability of Aluminium Alloy AA5083 at High Temperatures”

Terrance Watterson (Jun Zhou) - $700
“Experimental Studies of Electrically Enhanced Friction Stir Welding”




Renee Fanning, Brittany Bittner, Chelsea Perry, Sean Boggio, and Bryan Fleeson (Dawn Blasko and Kathryn Holliday-Darr) - $2,800
“VIZ Testing and Training Spatial Grant”




Julia Baker (Carl Kallgren) - $533
“Environmental Intervention for Youth with Developmental Disabilities”

Julia Baker, Ryan Ellsworth, and Rachel Zacchero (Dawn Blasko) - $500
“Upright or Slouched: What Matters When Judging Postures?”

Samantha Bates, Breanna Williams, and Megan Burwell (Dawn Blasko) - $600
“The Effects of Humor on a Challenging Task”

Brittany Bittner and Casey Chadwick (Dawn Blasko) - $700
“Do Video Games Reduce Stress?”

Stephanie Cattron and Megan Myers (Victoria Kazmerski) - $1,400
“Weight a Minute: An Investigation of Weight Bias and Its Contributing Factors”

Mark Connelly and Bianca Bramblett (Dawn Blasko) - $1,400
“The Effects of Time Perspective and Academic Procrastination on College Students”

Kimberly Cook and Mia Baltutat (Victoria Kazmerski) - $1,400
“Environmental Conditions and Their Relationship to Academic Achievement and Attitudes”

Lauren DeIntinis and Faith Govan (Dawn Blasko) - $500
“The Influence of Emoticons in Ambiguous Messages on Receiver Perception”

Michelle Godzinski and Chelsea Perry (Dawn Blasko) - $390
“Types of Music and Their Effects on Task Performance”

Ashley Kerr and Rob Fogle (Victoria Kazmerski and Dawn Blasko) - $1,400
“Initial Development of a Nonliteral Language Corpus for Research”

Ashley Kerr and Kylie Peters (Dawn Blasko) - $350
“Brain Lateralization and Hemispheric Differences in Processing Visual Stimuli”

Jamie Manson (Victoria Kazmerski) - $700
“Intervention Programs’ Effectiveness on Appearance-Based Tanning Beliefs: Step 2”

Julie Nguyen, Jewel Wright, and Mark DeWolf (Dawn Blasko) - $700
“Stigma and Willingness Surrounding Seeking Mental Health Services: A Comparison across College Students”

Kristan Russell and Erin McCreary (Dawn Blasko) - $600
“Global Processing Effects on Eyewitness Identification Accuracy: A Comparison of the Stroop Task and Navon Letter Task”

Kyle Thiel (Victoria Kazmerski) - $700
“Influence of Family on Adolescents: Adolescent and Parental Closeness, Conflict, and Internalizing and Externalizing Behavior (An Extension of Role of Fathers in the Family)

Leah Vuich (Carol Wilson) - $700
“Attachment, Social Support, and Pain Perceptions”

Danielle Williams, Brian McElveney, and Joslyn Mesing (Dawn Blasko) - $700
“Personality Traits as a Mediator for Sarcastic Interpretation”




Andrea Adams, Brian Carlson, and Dixie Courtney (Beth Potter and Margaret Voss) - $2,100
“Identification of Bacterial Isolates from House Wren Nests”

Brianne Campbell (Anthony Foyle and Beth Potter) - $700
“Continuation of Water Quality Research of Fourmile Creek”

Rachael Carmichael (Michael Justik) - $700
“Exploration of the Reaction of Novel Alkynyl Iodonium Salts with Phenoxides: A ‘Green’ Synthesis of Benzofurans”

Jerry Casbohm (Martin Kociolek) - $700
“Benzisoxazole 2-Oxides, a New Class of UV-Absorbing Compounds”

Kristen Chase (Anthony Foyle and Pamela Silver) - $700
“Water Quality Characterization of Lake Leboeuf”

Corey Dominick (Darren Williams) - $700
“Orbital Stability of Massive Satellite Systems around Planets”

Bradley Drumheller (Michael Campbell) - $700
“The Effect of DMN on Osmotic Response Interaction in Yeast”

Eilene Duberow (James Warren) - $700
“Analysis of Hematopoiesis in Zebrafish Embryos Perturbed in Folate Metabolism”

Tyler Duma (Paul Barney) - $700
“The Anti-microbial Effects of Essential Oils on Different Bacterial Species”

Nathan Elbert (Beth Potter and Ann Quinn) - $700
“Analyzing Bacteria Found in Compost”

Tim Gaw (James Warren) - $700
“DNA Methylation Effects on the Epigenome of Zebrafish (Danio rerio)”

Kristi Gdanetz (Matthew Gruwell) - $700
“Molecular Evolution of the Primary Endosymbiont Uzinura diaspidicola, and its Host, the Armored Scale Insect Chionaspis pinifoliae

Jesse Gresh (Bruce Wittmershaus) - $700
“Improved Efficiency in Luminescent Solar Concentrators via Reflective Scattering Backgrounds”

Andrew Halmi (James Warren) - $700
Transgenic Analysis of the Effects of Homocysteine on the Development of Zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Brittany Hoard (Blair Tuttle) - $700
“Computational Models for Amorphous Materials”

Torin Karsonovich (Martin Kociolek) - $700
“Synthesis and Study of Benzisoxazole 2-Oxide Derivatives of Flavonoid Antioxidants”

Taylor Kline (Matthew Gruwell) - $699
“Analyses and Amplification of rbcl and matk and Their Utilization for Plant Species Identification”

Gabriel Kramer (Joseph Previte and Michelle Previte) - $700
“Vertex Replacement Rules and Issues Related to Exponentially Expanding Spaces”

Chachi Lethaby (Michael Naber and Anthony Foyle) - $688
“Rock Display for Geosciences Outreach and Education”

Aaron Meehl (Matthew Gruwell) - $700
“Molecular Identification of Scale Insects and Their Host Plants from the Southern United States with a Focus on Pseudalacaspis cockerelli

Alicia Quick (Christopher Gee) - $700
“Cuticle Chemistry of Vitis riparia Shot Berries Relating to the Development of Ontogenic Resistance”

Tanya Riston (Papiya Bhattacharjee) - $700
“Lattices and Frames”

Brianne Sawders (Michael Justik) - $700
“Further Exploration of Metal Catalyzed Arylation Reactions of 2-[(Aryl)iodonio]benzenesulfonates”

Clayton Schuman (Antonio Mastroberardino) - $700
“Analysis of Predator-Prey Systems”

Daniel Shoemaker (Michael Naber and Ann Quinn) - $700
“Behrend Arboretum Web site Upgrade”

Chase Weaver (Christopher Gee) - $698
“Examining the Possibility of Grapevine Leafroll Associated Virus-3 Infections in Asymptomatic Concord Grapevines”

Christopher Wheeler (Jason Bennett) - $700
“Understanding CO and NO Interference in H2S Detection at Fe (III) Porphyrin-Modified Electrodes”