2007-2008 Academic Year Undergraduate Research Grants


Each grant lists student researcher(s) with respective cooperating faculty member(s) in parenthesis.




Melanie Brewer (David Causgrove) - $681
“A Change in the Airline Industry: Customer Service and September 11, 2001”

Paul DeWolf (Frank DeWolf) - $700
“Mobile RFID Devices in the Retail Industry”

Angela Speck (Mary Beth Pinto and Phylis Mansfield) - $200
“Remote Gambling Study”




Brian Auth (Frank DeWolf) - $700
“Implementing the EPCglobal Network Using Open Source Software”

Brian Benini (Bob Edwards) - $700
“Development of a Simple Tank Draining Experiment to Illustrate Core Principles of Hydrostatics”

Daniel Dempsey and Millington Adkins (Jon Meckley) - $1,400
“Blow Ratio Study of Newly Developed Grades of Santoprene TPV Resin and Various Modifiers”

Joshua Jones (John Roth) - $700
“Prediction of Endmill Insert Failure Using an Electret Accelerometer”


Ashraf Khalifa (John Roth) - $700
“Improving Sheet Metal Manufacturing Processes for Automotive Body Parts through Electrically Enhancing Formability”

Gregory Krajewski (Yi Wu) - $700
“Improvement of GUI for Human Circulation System Incorporating Muscle Pump Function”

Ivan Loker (John Roth) - $700
“Using DC Electrical Current to Investigate the Enhanced Ductility of Various Aluminum Alloys with Multiple Heat Treatments”

Ken Matsushita (William Lasher) - $700
“Analysis of Flying Shape for Spinnakers”

Dan Mauck (John Roth) - $700
“Determining the Effects of an Applied DC Current on Copper Using Finite Element Modeling and Microstructural Analysis”

Wesley Salandro (John Roth) - $700
“A Comparability Study of a Three-Axis Electret Accelerometer to a Traditional Three-Axis Piezoelectric Accelerometer”

Marianne Sciarrino (John Roth) - $700
“Isolating the Effects of DC Electrical Current on the Formability of Copper During Impression-Die Forging Operations”

Jason Williams (Ron Krahe) - $700
“Broadcast Radio Song and Artist Capture from RBDS Signal using an 8051”




James Hodge, Jessica Schubert, Kaylee Curilla, Danielle Wilson, and Mike Horning (Dawn Blasko, Kathy Holliday-Darr, and Jennifer Trich Kremer) - $3,500
“Spatial Visualization Research and Assessment Project”




Ashley Albeck, Chelsea Ehret, and Lauren Humes (Jennifer Trich Kremer) - $495
“Cyberbullying: The Effects of Ostracism and Social Dominance”

David Baleno and LeAnna Haener (Charisse Nixon) - $80
“The Effect of Electronic Media on Sense of Belonging in College Students”

Jason Crants and Lavon Thomas (Charisse Nixon) - $200
“The Influence of Parental Involvement and Rejection Sensitivity on College Students’ Involvement with Relational Aggression”

Alicia Dunbar and Bethany Hanus (Jennifer Trich Kremer) - $1,250
“The Effects of Background Music on Studying”

Shelby Deutsch, Megan Hoffman, Jodi Kitchener, Katie Knight, and Steve Wize (Charisse Nixon) - $2,824
“Applied Developmental Psychology in the School Setting: Development of a Mentoring Program on Children’s Reduction of Aggressive Behavior”

Chelsea Fenush, Andrew Walker, Andrew Scheller, and Zack Goncz (Victoria Kazmerski and Dawn Blasko) - $2,800
“A Short-Term Auditory Lexical Training Task: Training Native Speakers of American English to Better Perceive Chinese-Accented English”

Nicholas Goff and Ann Kozel (Charisse Nixon) - $551
“The Effect of Labeling on Trust”

Christine Giuliano, Chris Brown, Ryan Watson, Brett Watson, AJ Kondash, Rose Skiba, Joni Taylor, Audrey Achonu, Alexandra Ley, Jessica Grimm, and Matt Shuster (John Gamble) - $2,800
“Comprehensive Statistical Database of Multilateral Treaties (CSDMT) Project”

Kelly Koziorowski, Carrie Barr, Laura Plocido, and Amy Burns (Charisse Nixon) - $295
“How Different Genres of Music Affect Levels of Aggression and Prosocial Behavior”

Kerry Lope and Briana Grimes (Victoria Kazmerski) - $1,400
“Individual Attitudes Related to Actors in Love Scenes”

Anne Spring, Nancy Baker, and Jennifer LaRoche (Charisse Nixon) - $535
“The Relationship between Attachments, Connectedness, and College Students’ Adjustment”

Amanda Turner and Marika Sansone (Jennifer Trich Kremer and Dawn Blasko) - $1,388
“Art Therapy and the Effects it has on the Reduction of Stress in At-Risk Youth”




Danielle Chung (Alan Jircitano) - $700
“Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Photochromic Platinum (II) Complexes”

Cody Filges (Sarah Ewing) - $663
“C/EBPβ Regulation of JunD Gene Expression to Mediate Cell Survival”

R. Wesley Flynn (James Warren Jr.) - $700
“Analysis of Folate Metabolism and its Effects on Neural Tube Development in the Early Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Embryo”

John Fullwood (Danielle Goodwin) - $700
“Examining the Relationship between New York Public K-12 School Teachers’ Images of Mathematics and Their Mathematics History Knowledge”

Brandon Garzel, Anthony Moore, and William Peterson (Mehmet Malcok and Danielle Goodwin) - $2,100
“Online Course Management System”

Bennett Giardina (Michael Campbell) - $700
“Creation of an Acetolactate Synthase-YFP Fusion Gene”

Tom Hazlett, Derek Mulder, and Jasmin Tufek (Gary Walker and Mehmet Malcok) - $2,100
“Biometric Authentication”

Luke Joseph (Martin Kociolek) - $700
“Methods for the Synthesis of Benzo-Fused Heterocycles”

Alicia Klinvex (Ronald McCarty, Blair Tuttle, and Gary Walker) - $700
“Amorphous System Modeling”

Andrew Hua Law (Martin Kociolek) - $700
“Investigation into the Synthesis of Flavanone and Anthocyanin Antioxidants”

David Machuga (James Warren Jr.) - $700
“An in vivo Analysis of the Role of the Glycine Cleavage System in Early Zebrafish Development”

Andrew Makepeace (Bruce Wittmershaus) - $693
“Plasmonic Enhancement of the Photostability of Organic Dyes for Use in Luminescent Solar Concentrators”

Daryl Nowacki, Chris Mosebach, Abe Kibbey, Amy Sahlmann, and Angelica Jones (Yi-Hong Wang) - $3,500
“Evaluation of Arabidopsis Mutants Generated by Expressing Genes from Tomato Fruits”

Kellie O’Rourke (Heather Jones) - $695
“Effects of Epidermal Growth Factor on hlK1 Expression and Function”

Dennis Paskorz (Bruce Wittmershaus) - $693
“Modeling the Benefit of a White Background/Luminescent Solar Concentrator Combination”

Michael Piscitelli (Beth Potter) - $700
“Characterization of the N-Glycan Dependent Apical Sorting Mechanism Used by Endolyn”

Joseph Pleso (Paul Becker and Paul Olson) - $700
“Surreal Analysis of Go”

Vincent Povirk (Meng Su and Gary Walker) - $700
“A Simple Tiling Window Manager”

Daniel Ranayhossaini (Margaret Voss and Michael Campbell) - $700
“An Investigation of the Hemotoxicity of the Secretion of the Duvernoy’s Gland of the Northern Water Snake (Nerodia sipedon)”

Casey Robinson (Joseph Previte) - $700
“Automation and Testing of a Coupled Oscillator Model Describing the Swimming of a Sea Lamprey”

Natalie Romano (Jay Amicangelo) - $700
“Characterization of Methanol Complexes with Benzene and Hexafluorobenzene in Nitrogen and Argon Matrices Using Matrix-Isolation Infrared Spectroscopy”

Damon Schersten (Alan Jircitano) - $700
“Synthesis of 3-aminobiphenyl-4-carboxaldehyde to Examine the Mechanism of Novel Photochromic Platinum(II) Complexes”

Lara Trozzo (Margaret Voss) - $700
“Effects of Thermoregulation on Foraging in Anolis carolinensis

Heather Wager and Jason Reed (Danielle Goodwin, Jonathan Hall, and Paul Ashcraft) - $1,400
“Examining Student Interactions within an Active Learning Environment in a Calculus-Based Introductory Physics Course”

Kate Warner (Bruce Wittmershaus) - $700
“Analysis of Forster Transfer and Photo-Protection in BODIPY Dyes”

Kyle White (Michael Rutter) - $700
“Adding a Random Walk Component to a Surplus Production Fisheries Model”

Mike Wilson and Gary Taylor (Michael Campbell) - $1,400
“Analysis of Putative NDP1 Mutant Knockout Gene in Arabidopsis thaliana