2006-2007 Academic Year Undergraduate Research Grants


Each grant lists student researcher(s) with respective cooperating faculty member(s) in parenthesis




John Crane (Mary Beth Pinto) - $700
“Psychographic and Lifestyle Segmentation of Teen Market Mavens”

Alexander Kazmierczak (James Kurre) - $700
“New Data Series to Improve the Erie Index of Leading Indicators”

Charles Nelatury (Ashutosh Deshmukh) - $700
“The Effect of Environmental Influences on XBRL Adoption”




Jason Cecchetti (Elisa Wu) - $700
“Design of a Graphical User Interface for a Complex Human Circulatory System Model in Matlab”

Logan Flaherty (William Lasher) - $700
“An Analysis of the Survivability of the U. S. Brig Niagara under Storm Conditions”

Joshua Green (James Sonnenmeier) - $700
“Measurements of the Aerodynamic Performance of Twisted Wings III”

Marc Hoffman (John Roth) - $700
“Analyzing Temperature and Electrical Current Flow Fields through a Variety of Dome Height Test Specimens”

David Irvin (John Roth) - $700
“The Effects that Cryogenic Treatments Have on Tool Acceleration as Related to Workpiece Surface Finish and Tool Wear”

Daniel Jageman (Amir Khalilollahi and John Roth) - $700
“Using Finite Element Analysis to Analyze the Effects of Temperature and Electrode Placement on Plastic Deformation”

Ashraf Khalifa (John Roth) - $700
“Improving Sheet Metal Manufacturing Processes for Automotive Body Parts through Electrically Enhancing Formability”

Thomas Kronenberger (John Roth) - $700
“Monitoring Microstructural Changes and How They Relate to Tool Life of Turning Inserts”

Ivan Loker (Elisa Wu) - $700
“Design and Construction of Mock Human Circulatory System for Left Ventricle Assist Device”

Jeffrey Painter (Robert Edwards) - $700
“Develop a Data Collection Program for a Thermal Conductivity Device Using Labview”

Jason Papucci (John Roth) - $700
“Using Direct Electric Current to Investigate the Effects on Glass and Ceramics”

David Ross and Ryan Alleman (Robert Michael) - $720
“Finite Element Analysis for Undergraduate Plastics Engineering Technology Students of Penn State Behrend”

Joseph Shaffer (Elisa Wu) - $700
“A Human Circulatory Model for a Pediatric Patient with Heart Defects”

Kevin Sunealitis (Oladipo Onipede) - $700
“Vibration Analysis of Electrostatically Driven Micro-Beams and Plates”

Matthew Warner (John Roth) - $700
“Using DC Electrical Current to Investigate the Enhanced Ductility of Various Aluminum Alloys”

Alexander Winter (Robert Weissbach) - $700
“Case Study and Parametric Analysis for a Wind Energy Protocol”




Megan Miller, Elizabeth Sansone, Jimmie Hodge, Crystal Willis, Matt Lewis, and Michael Horning (Kathy Holliday-Darr, Jennifer Trich Kremer, and Dawn Blasko) - $4,200
“Refine Training Activities Developed Spring 2006 to Enhance Spatial Visualization”




Christopher Suprock (John Roth and Larry Downey) - $700
“Identifying the Validity and Potency of Multi-Univariate Autoregressive Models as Compared to True Multivariate Autoregressive Techniques”




Anthony Bango, Claire Barber, Kevin Belknap, Christine Giuliano, Leslie Sargent, Bethany Slomski, Brett Watson, and Ryan Watson (John Gamble) - $2,833
“Comprehensive Statistical Database of Multilateral Treaties (CSDMT)”

Erin Daquelente, Mara Huber, and Jessica Roman (Jennifer Trich Kremer) - $535
“Parent-Child Attachment in Divorced Families”

Shelby Deutsch and Chelsea Fenush (Victoria Kazmerski) - $700
“The Effects of Background Music on Cognitive Performance”

Alicia Dunbar (Clare Porac) - $700
“An Exploration of the Centroid Theory of Mueller-Lyer (ML) Illusion Formation: The Effect of Form and Color Variations on Illusion Magnitude”

Chris Engelhardt (Dawn Blasko) - $700
“Personality and Its Impact on Forming Leadership Impressions”

Sandra Grgic, Lauren Gilmore, and Melissa Shrout (Jennifer Trich Kremer and Eric Corty) - $1,021
“The Relationship between Thought Suppression and Emotional Intelligence”

Briana Grimes and Kerry Lope (Victoria Kazmerski) - $750
“Individual Attitudes Related to Actors in Love Scenes”

Bethany Hanus (Jennifer Trich Kremer) - $693
“The Effects of Background Music on Studying”

Elizabeth Kiefer and Megan Hoffman (Charisse Nixon) - $1,398
“Relational Aggression among Middle School Students in Ithaca, New York”

Carrie McNeal and Nicholas Goff (Victoria Kazmerski) - $500
“Analyzing the Relationship among Sarcasm Use, Peer Interpersonal Communication, and Situational Context”

Christy Miller and Lindsay Chatmon (Victoria Kazmerski) - $150
“Appropriate Study Skill Usage in College Freshmen at Penn State Behrend”

Sara Nielsen and Steve Buesink (Victoria Kazmerski) - $640
“Gender Stereotypes in Animated Films”

Andrew Rainbow (Clare Porac) - $700
“The Poggendorff Illusion: Is a Vertical Fill Pattern the Major Determinant of Illusion Magnitude?”

Elizabeth Sansone, Christopher Engelhardt, and Kimberly Shell (Charisse Nixon) - $1,373
“Evaluating the Effectiveness of Middle School Mentoring Programs”

Andrew Scheller, Matt Ogden, and Allison Palermo (Victoria Kazmerski) - $630
“Exposure to Violence and Social Information Processing among College Students”

Bethany Slomski and Kyle Johnston (Jennifer Trich Kremer) - $475
“Stress and Perceived Authority in the Milgram Paradigm”

Angela Speck, Jenay Guardiani, and Lori Szymanik (Jennifer Trich Kremer) - $360
“Looking Beyond the Stereotype: Defining Sexual Harassment in a College Setting”

Andrew Walker and Zack Goncz (Dawn Blasko and Victoria Kazmerski) - $1,400
“Analyzing the Influence of Directionality and Similarity on Meaningful Judgments of Metaphors Using ERP”

Jessie Westrick, Mandy Canzano, and Erica Zinsser (Jennifer Trich Kremer and Dawn Blasko) -$830
“The Effects of Service Learning on Awareness Development”




Dewey Black, Greg Lutz, and Zack Marrapese (Charles Burchard and Gary Walker) - $2,100
“Robotic Mapping and Path Finding”

Robert C. Blanner (Martin Kociolek) - $700
“Investigating the Synthesis and Reactivity of Brominated Isoxazoles”

Michelle Borkovec (Michael Justik) - $700
“α-Hydroxylation of Aryl Ketones with 1H-1-hydroxy-5-methyl-1,2,3-benziodoxathiole 3,3-Dioxide, a Green Alternative to Hypervalent Iodine Reagents”

Ryan Buzzanca, Jonathan Grier, and Aaron Thomas (Mehmet Malcok and Gary Walker) $2,100
“Behrend Optimized Scheduling System”

William Campbell (Michael Campbell) - $700
“The Development of Antisense NDP1 Mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana for the Determination of NDP1 Gene Function and Regulation”

Paul Casillo, Michael Snyder, and Tom Workman (Gary Walker) - $2,100
“The Electronic Voting System”

Andrew Collins-Hed (Michael Campbell and Yi-Hong Wang) - $700
“Characterization of a Putative Acetolactate Synthase Knockout Mutant in Tomato and Its Effects on Branched-Chain Amino Acid Composition”

Daniel Irwin (Jay Amicangelo) - $700
“Characterization of an Acetonitrile Hexafluorobenzene Complex in Nitrogen and Argon Matrices Using Matrix-Isolated Infrared Spectroscopy”

Andrew Law (Alan Jircitano) - $700
“Synthesis and Characterization of Potential Photochromic Platinum(II) Complexes”

Cyndi Lee (Jay Amicangelo) - $700
“The Characterization of Silicon Nitride Intermediates Using a Hydrogen Lamp Photolysis Source and Matrix-Isolation Infrared Spectroscopy”

Joshua Meyer (Michael Campbell) - $700
“Comparison of ndp-in1 Mutant to ndp-sy Mutant”

Dara Nielsen, Jacob Gariepy, and Paul Miller (Gary Walker and Mehmet Malcok) - $2,100
“Biometric Identification for Prescription Drug Dispensing Control”

Stacey Olechowicz (James Warren Jr.) - $700
“Characterization of FMR1 Gene Knockdowns in Zebrafish (Danio rerio)”

Sarah Orris (Boon Wee Ong) - $700
“Summing an Infinite Series Using Residue Theorem”

Joe Pleso (Paul Olson and Paul Becker) - $700
“Surreal Analysis of Go”

Casandra Sheldon (Jennifer Holt) - $700
“Investigations of the Orientations of Merocyanine Dyes in Zeolite Host Materials”

Jeremy Sopko (Joseph Previte) - $700
“A Coupled Oscillator Model Applied to the Spinal Cord of a Sea Lamprey”

Kaile Taylor, Daryl Nowacki, and Adam Rhodes (Yi-Hong Wang) - $2,100
“Identification of Genes that Cause Floral Structural Changes in Tomato Plants”

Kala Wolfe (Margaret Voss) - $700
“The Effect of Clutch Volume on Incubation in Black Brant (Branta Bernicula nigricans): Tradeoffs between Decreased Cooling Rates and Increased Incubation Period”