2000-2001 Academic Year Undergraduate Research Grants


Each grant lists individual student researcher(s) with respective cooperating faculty member(s) in parenthesis.


School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Nicole Dirling (John Gamble) - $488
"International Law and Globalization"

Michael S. Chmielewski (Carl Kallgren) - $500 
"Item Analysis and Norming of the Chmielewski Importance of Religion Scale (CIRS)"

Sara A. Lawrence and Mary H. Pietrzak (Dawn Blasko and Victoria Kazmerski) - $600
"Instructional Development of an Observational Research Tutorial"

Jessica Turos and Amanda Ervin (Victoria Kazmerski and Dawn Blasko) - $600
"Gender Differences in a Spatial Stroop Task"

Cynthia K. Young (Charisse Nixon) - $750
"Relational Aggression Preventions Program for Students (RAPPS)"

Erika L. Dauber and Matt A. Jones (Charisse Nixon) - $1000
"Roosevelt Mentoring Program"

Erin M. Lyons (Dean Baldwin) - $580
"Discovering the Approaches Actresses Take to Shakespearian Roles"

Banchiamlack Dessalegn, Athena Farantzos, Megan Walsh, and Matthew Stevenson (Dawn Blasko) - $1500
"Time Perspective among Ethiopian and Greek Biculturals"

Amy S. Brown and Ann M. Brown (Dawn Blasko) - $1000
"College Student Adjustment, Stress, and Explanatory Style as Predictors of GPA"

Jessica L. Dzuricky, Sara A. Lischerelli, and Ashley M. Williams (Dawn Blasko) - $1312
"Effects of Emotional Intelligence on Leadership Qualities in Problem Solving"

Amanda McFarland, Heather Peters, and Brooke Rhodes (Carl Kallgren) - $936
"The Relationship between Depression and Parenting Styles among College Students"

School of Engineering and Engineering Technology

Dave Marasco (William Lasher) - $500
"Prediction of Force Coefficients on a 1/4 Cylindrical Arc Using RANS Simulation"

Kevin Barbash (L. Ken Saunders) - $500
"Stress Concentrations in Drilling"

School of Science

Amie E. Uhal (Mary Chisholm) - $500
"The Identification of Major Odorants in Key Lime Juice Using Gas Chromatography-Olfactometry (GCO) and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)”

Dean M. Cass, Jr. (Mary Chisholm) - $500
"The Identification of Major Odorants in Clementine Juice Using Gas Chromatography-Olfactometry (GCO) and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)"

Tessa Marshall (Thomas Spudich) - $500
"Radiation Characterization of Photochromic Pt(II) Compounds of o-Aminobenzaldehyde and Derivatives"

Stacy Cox (Thomas Spudich) - $500
"The Characterization and Use of an Acoustic-Optic Background Correction System for Atomic Emission Spectrometry"

Jason A. Jell (Mary Chisholm) - $500
"Analysis of Clementine Oil Using Column Chromatography, Gas Chromatography-Olfactometry (GCO), and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)"

Timothy T. Baseler (Bruce Wittmershaus) - $495
"Study of Excitation Energy Transfer between Polystyrene Microspheres and Fluorescent Dyes"

Gregg T. Beaumont (Bruce Wittmershaus) - $495
"Indoor Investigation of the Performance of Multiple and Single Dye Concentrations in Luminescent Solar Concentrators"

Jason B. McLafferty (Bruce Wittmershaus) - $488
"Development of a Fluorescence Quantum Yield Standard"

Matthew R. Ahrens (Joseph Paullet) - $500
"Black Jack and Statistics"

Amanda Jo Adamski (Mark Pyron and Thomas Spudich) - $750
"Toxicity of Copper and Zinc in Combination to Lake Erie Crayfish"

Lee Thomas Szkotnicki (Michael Campbell) - $750
"Localization of Branched-chain Amino Acid Aminotransferase mRNA in Potato"

Kristin Elisabeth Fleming (Michael Campbell) - $750
"Purification and Characterization of BCAT"

Leanne Donovan (James Warren, Jr.) - $750
"Characterization of a Putative Fragile X Mental Retardation Related Protein Homolog in Zebrafish"

Lisa Kobylinski (James Warren, Jr.) - $750
"Characterization of a Putative Apoptosis Related Factor in Zebrafish"

Melissa M. Moser (James Warren, Jr.) - $750
"Zebrafish (Danio rerio) tag 1: Characterizing the Expression Pattern of its Protein Via Whole Mount Antibody Stains"

Jeana Ferilla (Michael Campbell) - $750
"Characterization of Ambystoma maculatum Based on Mitochondrial Sequences"

Gita Dev (Mark Pyron) - $700
"Habitat Selection in Banded Killifish, Fundulus diaphanus"