Council of Fellows Faculty Research Award


The Penn State Behrend Council of Fellows established the Research Award in 1982 to recognize faculty members who, in the opinion of their  peers, truly fill the role of inspired, dedicated researchers.



2014    Dr. Michael Brown

2013    Dr. Blair Tuttle

2012    Mr. George Looney (co-winner)

2012    Dr. Diane Parente (co-winner)

2011    Dr. Greg Filbeck

2010    Dr. Xiaocong Fan

2009    Dr. Jay Amicangelo

2008    Dr. Sudarshan Nelatury

2007    Dr. John T. Roth

2006    Dr. Thomas Hemminger

2005    Dr. Darren Williams

2004    Dr. Michael Campbell

2003    Mr.  George Looney

2002    Dr. Pam Silver

2001    Dr.  Chuck Yeung

2000    Dr. Syed Saad Andaleeb

1999    Dr. John Fizel



1998    Dr. Mary G. Chisholm

1997    Dr. Jeffrey Pinto

1996    Dr. Alan Jircitano

1995    Dr. Richard Bollinger

1994    Dr. Robert Tauber

1993    Dr. Dean Baldwin

1992    Dr. Chester Wolford

1991    Dr. Anthony A. Salvia

1990    Dr. A. Daniel Frankforter

1989    Dr. Charles Redenius

1988    Dr. Archie K. Loss

1987    Dr. John K. Gamble

1986    Dr. James M. Davis

1985    Dr. Diana Hume George

1984    Dr. Edwin C. Masteller

1983    Dr. Juan Fernandez‑Jimenez

1982    Dr. Jeffrey A. Wicken