Package Tracking System


When the mailroom receives a package we log it into the Package Tracking System and an email will automatically go out to the recipient to inform them that a package(s) is waiting for them to pick up at the Mail Services window. A second notice will be sent to the recipient after 7 days of the package arrival, if the package(s) has not been picked up. After 10 days the package will be returned to sender and an email sent to the recipient that states the package has been returned to the sender.

Only the person whose name is on the package(s) can receive that package(s) at the Mail Services window, and only after logging in to the 'Acceptance Site'; picture ID may be needed as well, if the LogOn system is down. Once you sign for a package, it becomes your responsibility. Packages can be picked up after 11:00AM. Window hours are posted at the top of this page.

Students may view all of their incoming package(s) that have been received in the Mailroom by going online after 11:00AM at You will need your Penn State userID and password for this is a secure site.