Mailboxes - Student Mailbox List

General information about student mailboxes

Assignment of Mailboxes

Student mailboxes are for on-campus resident students only. (Commuter students are not given mailboxes to assure availability for resident students.) All new students residing on campus will be assigned a mailbox. Students will be notified by email that a mailbox has been assigned.

Mailboxes are generally assigned a few weeks before the start of each semester by the Operations Department. Your mailbox assignment is used for the duration of your resident years here at Behrend. Whenever your status with the University changes to that of a commuter student, or you leave the Behrend campus, your mailbox is terminated and you must change your address with the USPS to receive your mail.

NEW: One student per mailbox. While living on campus you will retain the same box for all your semesters here at Behrend. All students are obligated to follow USPS regulations, making it a felony to tamper with mail that is not theirs.

Mail is returned to the sender after 10 days of not being picked up by the recipient. If the mailbox is too full, check at the window for your mail, it will be held in the mailroom for pickup, then returned to sender after the 10 days. Newspapers are picked up at the Mail Service window, because they take up too much space in the box.

Please make sure you visit your mailbox frequently during the semester, as they are small and fill quickly.

You can find your mailbox assignment on the Student Mailbox List.


Request for Campus Mailbox

If for some reason your mailbox assignment is not accessible (too high, too low), you may fill in the online Request for Campus Mailbox form to have your mailbox changed. The online Request for Campus Mailbox form is also available for students who may not have been assigned a mailbox (due to late registration, transfer student etc.).


Your Mailbox Number and Combination

You can access your mailbox number and combination by logging on to this website: You will need your user Penn State userID and password to access this site.

Refer to the Mailbox Combination Instructions for information on how to open your mailbox. If you need further help with your combination see the attendants at the Mail Services window during regular service hours.


Forwarding Your Mail

Students with Penn State Behrend mailboxes will have to submit a change of address form to have all mail properly forwarded for the summer months, only if they want their mail sent somewhere other than their home address, which we already have in our files. Be sure to inform the Mail Services if your home address has changed during your stay on campus. All mail is removed at the end of the Spring semester; and only first class mail is forwarded, not "junk" mail or magazines.