Technology Classrooms (CMC)

All classrooms are configured as networked technology classrooms. Rooms feature Internet access and certain networked software provided by the Computer Center. In addition, all systems have podiums designed for instructional use. The podiums house a workstation PC, combination DVD/VCR player, and connections for a user’s laptop. Computer, DVD, and VCR signals can be projected onto the wall screen.

Some classrooms provide a higher level of integrated technology than others and therefore require users to be aware of different operating procedures. Campus-wide instructional technology is a work-in-progress due to rapid advancements in technology and continued upgrades of instructional facilities.

The Copy & Multimedia Center gladly provides classroom technology orientation to any individual wishing to employ instructional technology in their lessons. An equipment orientation appointment can be scheduled by calling x 6121.

The technology classrooms are jointly supported by the Copy & Multimedia Center and the Computer Center. If you experience a problem with a technology classroom, please report it by calling x 6121.