Web Site Guidelines for Content Editors

Contact the Behrend Web Team

  • If you encounter a problem with the web site, such as a broken link, a missing image, a missing page, etc., please report the issue by clicking the Website Feedback link (which is located at the bottom of each web page).  This link will direct you to the form, Report a Web Site Problem, which you can complete.
  • If you need assistance with the web site (i.e. help with editing a web page, etc.), please email bdwebteam@psu.edu instead of using the form.

General Guidelines

  1. Files

  • Do not use spaces or special characters for file names.  Exception:  A hyphen may be used.
  • Upload files to proper folder (i.e. images, video, files).
  • Maximum file size is 6 MB.  (If the file exceeds this size, contact bdwebteam@psu.edu.)
  1. Videos

  • Files must be in the MP4 format using H.264 codec for file compression.
  • Contact bdwebteam@psu.edu to request that it be uploaded into Behrend’s YouTube account.
  • Provide the URL of the page for where this video should be embedded.
  1. Images

  • Re-size images within Drupal by selecting pre-sized dimensions.
  1. PDFs and Alternative Formats

  • Avoid PDFs, if possible, and/or make the PDF content available in other formats.
  • Preferred format for content:  Web page (1st choice) or an accessible Word document (2nd choice).
  • For Word documents, you must run the Accessibility Checker in Word and remediate any accessibility issues.
  1. News and Events

  • Temporarily, content editors can’t post news and event items to the sidebar.  Contact bdwebteam@psu.edu if you need something posted.  Provide the following information:  the text for the sidebar and the URL that this should be linked to.
  1. Copyrighted Material

  • Do not use copyrighted material.