Best Practices for Faculty & Staff Profiles

If you are a content editor for a School with a Faculty & Staff Directory, please review your School's Faculty & Staff profiles over the summer and as often as needed throughout the academic year. 

Things to check for:

  • Unpublish profiles for faculty/staff who have left the college
  • Create new profiles for new faculty/staff members


  • Photos should be 130 x 200px. If you do not have the capability to resize a photo, please contact BDWebTeam.
  • Photos should be named with the format firstname_lastname.jpg
  • Files must be less than 2 MB.
  • Allowed file types: png gif jpg jpeg.
  • If you don't have a photo for someone, please download this headshot placeholder image and upload it on the photoless profile, so that the copy stays aligned.
  • You do not need to fill in the Caption field.
  • Revise profiles with updated information, including title changes, as needed

Filling Out the Profile Fields

  • Always make sure the "Last Name" field is filled out. This field is used for alphabetization of the ALL page.
  • Remove or refresh date-specific courses from Teaching tab. Providing general information about courses without using specific dates will be the easiest to maintain for the long-term.
    • If a Teaching tab says “Spring 2012 Courses,” it could be helpful to change that title to: “Dr. X’s Teaching Specialties Include:”
    • Or, if you are listing specific courses by semester, you might want to update the semesters included to the most current info, if that is relevant to your School: B ADM 502:  Demand, Operations, and Firm Performance (Spring 2011) (Spring 2012) (Spring 2013) (Spring 2014)
  • Use the appropriate Concentrations for your School as listed below. The Concentration field is used for sorting the directory into department pages. You may use more than one Concentration, separated by a comma. Please use the concentration tag exactly as formatted below to drive the sort. (If a profile does not fit under any given Concentration, please contact the BDWebTeam with a description of the issue.)
  • School of Engineering
    • School Leadership
    • Staff
      (*** NOTE: Displays as School Staff and Technicians)
    • Computer Science and Software Engineering
    • Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology
    • Mechanical Engineering 
      (*** NOTE: Displays as combined Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering)
    • Industrial Engineering 
      (*** NOTE: Displays as combined Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering)
    • Mechanical Engineering Technology
    • Plastics Engineering Technology
  • School of Humanities and Social Sciences
    • School Leadership
    • School Staff
    • Arts Administration
    • Childhood and Early Adolescent Education
    • Communication
    • Creative Writing
    • DIGIT
    • English
    • General Arts and Sciences
    • History
    • Languages
    • Music Theater and Visual Arts
    • Political Science
    • Psychology
  • School of Science
    • School Leadership
    • School Staff
      (*** NOTE: Include Nursing Staff and Technicians here; displays as School Staff and Technicians)
    • Chemistry
    • Mathematics
      (*** NOTES: Include Statistics faculty here, using Mathematics concentration tag; displays as combined Mathematics and Mathematics Education)
    • Mathematics Education
      (*** NOTE: Displays as combined Mathematics and Mathematics Education)
    • Nursing
    • Physics
      (*** NOTE: Use Physics for both Physics and Astronomy. Displays as Physics and Astronomy.)
    • Geoscience
      (*** NOTE: Use Geoscience for Science, Geology, and/or Meteorology. Displays as Science and Geoscience.)

​How to Sort

  • Re-sort your department pages if you have added or removed profiles.

This dynamically driven Faculty & Staff Directory has been developed to offer the Content Editor an ability to Sort Faculty & Staff within a specific department. Each department page can be customized individually if desired – alphabetically or in a hierarchy your school prefers. (This differs from the main “All” directory list, which can’t be custom sorted.) This feature will enable you to adjust the order as you wish, when a new faculty member is added, or if a change in department leadership occurs.

To change the order in which the faculty and staff are listed, log-in to Drupal and go to the subdirectory page that you would like to sort. On the left navigation bar, click on the navigation item beneath the page name, which will start with the word “Sort.” For example, on the “Computer Science and Software Engineering Faculty” page, where it is highlighted on the left navigation sidebar, you will click on the item beneath it: “Sort Computer Science and Software Engineering Faculty.” (Content Editors are the only people who see this Sort button in the Admin area. It isn’t viewable on the public site or when you aren’t logged in.)

Once on the Sort page, you will simply drag and drop the profile sections using the cross-arrows in the upper left hand corner of each. Then, click the “Save” button at the bottom. When you click on the regular page link (instead of the Sort), you will see the change has been made on the grid.

This demonstration video from RJ illustrates the above directions.




Contact the BDWebTeam if there are any problems with your directory.