Meeting at Penn State (Adobe Connect)

You may of heard the phrase, Meeting@PennState, but aren’t quite sure what it is.  It actually refers to Adobe Connect which is a web conferencing platform.  With Adobe Connect you can hold or attend webinars, meetings, and training.  Faculty may also use it for blended courses, office hours, or student team meetings.

Features of Adobe Connect include video, audio, chat, application sharing, whiteboards, and live polling to name just a few.  Sessions may also be recorded.  (Note that not all features may be available to attendees.  The person hosting the webinar/meeting/training decides what features to make available.)

This service is provided free to faculty, staff, and students.  In order to use Adobe Connect you need:  a Penn State Access Account or a Friends of Penn State (FPS) Account, a web browser, and an Internet connection.  (FYI…  There is also a guest account for those who wish to attend a session, but are not associated with Penn State.)  If this is your first time using Adobe Connect, it’s a good idea to test your connection.

If you will be attending a meeting, webinar, etc. via Adobe Connect, the person hosting this session will send you the web address.  Then use your web browser to go to that site and login.  It’s usually a good idea to login about 10 to 15 minutes prior to the session just to verify that your audio is working correctly.  (To test your audio:  From the menu within Adobe Connect, click on Meeting and then Audio Setup Wizard.  Next, follow the steps of the wizard.)  You may also attend using your mobile device; just download the app.

To learn more about Adobe Connect or to create a meeting room (for your meeting, webinar, etc.), visit the Meeting@PennState home page.  Here you’ll find instructions on how to use Adobe Connect along with links to other learning resources.  Also, be sure to read the information regarding best practices.  To do so, click the link for Adobe Connect Knowledge Base (under Getting Started) and then from the left menu, scroll to the Meeting@PennState section, and select Best Practices from the menu.

Also, Penn State holds monthly sessions demonstrating the features of Adobe Connect.  These sessions give you a chance to see the features of Adobe Connect and ask questions.  Announcements for the demo sessions are posted to the Meeting@PennState home page.  Or, you can request to be added to Behrend’s Training Announcements listserv by contacting the Web Developer/Information Specialist.