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Behrend "P" Accounts (Local Storage)


All incoming students receive local network storage space.  This storage space is referred to as the Personal or "P" account and it remains active for one year after graduation.

Students registered for a fall semester automatically receive this account. Students who attend Behrend for the first time during a spring semester or summer session must request a local account.  To request the account, visit the Computer Center help desk in Hammermill 135.

The “P” account provides students with 500 MB of disk space on a Penn State Behrend server.  Contact either of the Computer Center help desks for specific information about storage allocations.  A sponsoring faculty member may request additional space if a student’s storage needs exceeds their allocation; an email or phone call to the Manager of IT Services will begin the process.

Remote access to your “P” account space is also available via a web-based interface.  Visit for details and instructions.  With this web page, “P” drive users have world-wide access to their files stored at the Behrend Computer Center.  A guide, Using Penn State’s Virtual Private Network, is available to assist users with installing, configuring and utilizing this resource.

If you have questions or need more information about a “P” account, contact either of the consultant help desks.

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