Minitab Tutorial

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Course Date: 
Jun 19 2013 -
12:00pm to 4:30pm
Brad Johnson
Educational Goals: 

This half-day tutorial is meant to introduce Minitab statistical software's basic operation and inputs. This tutorial will show how some of the same analyses can be done using Minitab, as is done with Excel in the DOE workshop.  The Process Validation seminar will make use of Minitab almost exclusively when discussing the statistical portions of the validation process.

Who should Attend: 

Anyone who is not familiar with Minitab statistical software and its basic operation and outputs.  It may be beneficial for both those who attend the preceding DOE workshop and those who attend the Process Validation seminar which follows it.

Course Outline: 

Basic data manipulation, sample size determination, control charts and other charts, capability analysis, and DOEs will all be briefly discussed.