MBA Course Descriptions

Recommended Academic Plans for MBA Students

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Course Descriptions

Foundation Core: 15 credits

Exemptions may be applied for these Foundation Core courses based upon demonstrated competency. Please see the Foundation Course Exemptions page for information.


B ADM 501 Costs, Competition, and Market Performance (6 credits) - A project-oriented investigation into the critical principles of accounting, economics, and finance.

B ADM 502 Demand, Operations, and Firm Performance (6 credits) - A project-oriented investigation into the critical principles of management, marketing, and operations.

B ADM 503 Integrated Business Analysis (3 credits) - Overview of the statistical analyses of a variety of business problems. Prerequisites: B ADM 501 and B ADM 502.


Advanced Required Courses: 21 credits

B ADM 510 Cost Management for Decision Making and Control (3 credits) - The study and use of accounting information for cost management, product costing, planning and controlling operations, and managerial decision making. Prerequisite: B ADM 501.

B ADM 512 Managing Effective Organizations (3 credits) -  Understanding the critical and changing role of management in contemporary organizations. Prerequisite: B ADM 502.

B ADM 513 Quantitative Methods for Business (3 credits) - Effective management of the flow of goods, services, and information through the supply chain. Prerequisites: B ADM 501, B ADM 502, B ADM 503.

B ADM 514 Strategic Planning and Business Policy (3 credits) - Formulation of objectives and implementation of programs to promote long-range success of the organization in a changing environment. Prerequisites: B ADM 510, B ADM 512, B ADM 513, B ADM 597A

B ADM 526 Leadership and Ethics (3 credits) - A multi-perspective review of leadership theory and research with special emphasis given to the ethical dimensions of leadership. Prerequisite: B ADM 502

B ADM 532 Corporate Finance (3 credits) - Application of modern corporate finance theory to corporate practice. Prerequisite: B ADM 501

B ADM 597A Product Development and Brand Strategy (3 credits) - An application of marketing theoretical principles from popular press publications. Prerequisite: B ADM 502


Elective Courses - 9 credits

One elective must have an MIS focus.

All summer courses are electives; electives will also be offered fall and spring semesters.

For information about electives, contact MBA Academic Program Chair, Dr. Al Warner, at 814-898-6509 or via email​.