Behrend Chancellor

Dr. Donald L. Birx

Penn State Behrend Chancellor Dr. Donald Birx has more than 35 years of leadership experience in academia and industry. He holds degrees across three disciplines: business administration, arts and sciences, and engineering. Learn more about him here.

Birx 2Chancellor's Message

At Penn State Behrend, you'll often hear talk of a unique "Behrend experience." At the core of this are a number of distinctions or hallmarks that we think speak directly to what that special, Behrend experience is all about.

Quality: Quality is the ultimate hallmark of Penn State Behrend. We seek to achieve the highest academic standards and quality, always striving to be better, never settling for being "good enough." Measures of our success include our challenging academic environment and our strong track record of excellence in teaching, research, and outreach.

Student-Centeredness: We value close faculty-student interaction, small classes, high standards for students, and a supportive living-learning environment. In this environment, student success is our most important outcome. Faculty and staff practice a variant of the golden rule: treat students the way you would want your own family members to be treated; supporting them; guiding their goals and aspirations; having a keen interest in their success and showing them the importance and wonders of a comprehensive education.

Advanced Technology: We provide a state-of-the-art teaching and learning environment in our classrooms, labs, and library. By building on these experiences, our students are able to contribute immediately in the workplace and in graduate programs.

Inspiring Environment: The immense beauty of our campus provides an inspirational environment for the entire college community. The attractiveness and cleanliness of the indoor and outdoor environments is a matter of special pride, a pride of place. The campus will always be a work in progress, and we are forever responsible for the creation and maintenance of a comfortable, beautiful, and inspiring place to study, work, live, and visit.

Diversity: Penn State Behrend is a laboratory for ideas, and the more backgrounds, opinions, and perspectives that can be brought to bear, the better the ideas and the greater the learning. We ask students to investigate new worlds and to look at familiar problems from fresh perspectives.

Engagement: As part of a nationally recognized land grant and research university, we have as our mission serving as an economic, social, and cultural catalyst in northwestern Pennsylvania and beyond. We integrate teaching, research, and outreach for the benefit of both our students and the region we serve. For our friends and supporters, an investment in the college is an investment in the future of northwestern Pennsylvania and its people.

Take these hallmarks—and others, like our focus and teamwork—and you start to see, I think, why this is such a special place.