LRC Information for Faculty

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  • LRC Goals, Faculty Committee and Staff Contacts
    Includes a short list of LRC goals, a description of the LRC Advisory Committee, and a list of staff members and their contact information.
  • Peer Tutoring (1:30 min.)
    Presents an overview of the tutoring program, including locations and delivery methods.​
  • Appointment System
    Describes how students log in and make appointments, how missed appointments are handled, and when students need to contact the program administrator.
  • Tutor Selection, Training and Assessment
    Gives an overview of the application process, areas covered in training, and assessment methods.
  • International Program Development
    Contains information about embedded courses, program development, and Fulbrights.
  • Study Abroad
    Tours the Penn State study abroad process, including costs, academics, financial aid, etc.
  • Study Abroad - Tips for Faculty Advisers
    Discusses how to help a student decide on a program and the recommendation process.
  • Graduate School, Fellowships and Scholarships
    Provides a brief description of support services in these areas.
  • Other Support Services
    Covers information about workshops, group tutoring, peer mentoring, embedded tutoring, the annual writing awards, and first-year summer writing assignment.

Basic LRC Forms