On-Campus Interviewing

The Academic and Career Planning Center's on-campus interviewing program offers students and alumni the opportunity to interview for internships and full-time positions with a variety of employers from business, industry, and government. On-campus interviewing is primarily a pre-select system, where employers select candidates from among the students who request interviews with them.

Important Information:

  • Each year many corporate recruiters visit Penn State Behrend, plus University Park, Harrisburg, Berks and Altoona typically with business, technical, and government positions. Liberal Arts majors with business interest or experience are often sought, too.
  • Read these Important On-Campus Interviewing Policies.
  • All current students and alumni are eligible, and strongly urged, to participate in on campus interviewing if appropriate to your job search.
  • Students with liberal arts or health and human development backgrounds should not rule out on-campus interviewing, but should be advised that the opportunities may be limited. If you are seeking a career in the arts, social services, education, politics, communications, health care, or a similar field, a self-directed job search is a must.
  • Students seeking employment in business and technical fields should consider on-campus interviewing as only one method of seeking employment.
  • Students in all fields should learn to conduct a full-scale job search (see the Academic and Career Planning Center's free Job and Graduate School Search Manual for more information on the job search; available in the ACPC). Please make an appointment in the ACPC to discuss your job search by calling 814-898-6164.