Understanding Yourself


You already know many of your interests, talents and abilities through experiences you've had growing up. But many students discover new interests during college through new academic experiences, outside activities and employment opportunities. It is important to ask yourself three questions to understand what you like, what you do well, and what you value most.

What Are Your Interests?

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What Are Your Abilities?

What are you really good at doing? It is best to choose a college major in which you truly excel in order to present future employers with the best academic record possible. One of the best indicators of future success in a career field are the grades that you receive in the related academic courses.

What Are Your Values?

Many people forget to spend time identifying their values in relations to their career decision. What is really important to you?  Do you want financial security, lots of leisure time, or do you have a need to help others? An individual career counseling appointment with an ACPC staff member is also very helpful.

Remember, these results will not give you a definite answer. It is best to make an appointment with one of the career counselors in the ACPC to help you decide what interests, abilities and values are the ones on which you want to focus.