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Study Abroad Information Sessions

Lilley Library 201

Attend a one hour information session to learn about locations, costs, scholarships, deadlines, and the application process.



4th (Tuesday)                      4:00 PM                                                               7th (Friday)                           2:30 PM

10th (Monday)                   5:00 PM                                                                13th (Thursday)                  1:00 PM

18th (Tuesday)                   2:30 PM                                                                21st (Friday)                        3:30 PM

24th (Monday)                   3:30 PM                                                                26th (Wednesday)            10:30 AM


4th (Tuesday)                      4:00 PM                                                                6th (Thursday)                    4:00 PM

17th (Monday)                   5:00 PM                                                                19th (Wednesday)            10:30 AM

25th (Tuesday)                   2:30 PM                                                                27th (Thursday)                  4:00 PM


1st (Tuesday)                      4:00 PM                                                                4th (Friday)                           2:30 PM

7th (Monday)                      3:30 PM                                                                10th (Thursday)                  4:00 PM

14th (Monday)                   5:00 PM                                                                18th (Friday)                        3:30 PM

22nd (Tuesday)                   2:30 PM                                                                24th (Thursday)                4:00 PM

28th (Monday)                   3:30 PM                                                                30th (Wednesday)            10:30 AM

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Learning Resource Center
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