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Nursing Students Promote Bone Marrow Donation Campaign

It was a long shot, but Kaylee Boehme swabbed the inside of her cheek anyway, collecting her DNA for “Be the Match,” the national bone-marrow donation registry. Just one of every 430 volunteers is selected to donate.

“I really hope it’s me,” Boehme, a sophomore, said.

'We Are... Healthy' Campaign Promotes Hand Hygiene

The 'We Are... Healthy' campaign was held Sept. 15 at Penn State Behrend.As children, we’re taught to wash our hands after using a restroom. But what about after we open a door?

Door handles can be just as contaminated.  

Adam Krieder learned this during a recent hand hygiene program at Penn State Behrend.

Preparation is Key for Attendees of Fall Career and Internship Fair

A total of 1,182 students attended the fall Career and Internship Fair Sept. 28 at the college.Jordan Mushrush sat quietly in the prep room prior to the start of the fall Career and Internship Fair at Penn State Behrend, scanning the list of companies in attendance. He had already circled those that he planned to speak with, but he wanted to peruse the list one last time.

October 6: Astronomy Open House, Gravitational Waves

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Gravitational Waves imageIn 2015, the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) detected what Albert Einstein had predicted nearly 100 years earlier: gravitational waves.

This groundbreaking discovery opened the door to a new way of observing the universe and will be the topic of discussion when Open House Nights in Astronomy returns to Penn State Behrend on Thursday, Oct. 6.

Pre-Health Instructions for Committee and Recommendation Letters

In recent years many health professions schools have stated a preference for a summative committee letter of evaluation in addition to input who know the applicant. A Committee Letter of Evaluation (CLE) will be offered to students applying to medical, allopathic, osteopathic, dental, podiatry, or optometry schools.

If you desire a Committee Letter from the Behrend College Pre-professional Evaluation Committee, follow the instructions listed below.

Nursing Students Learn Basics of Evidence Collection

Criminal investigations often begin away from the crime scene, in a curtained hospital room, where nurses treat and counsel the victims of violent crime or abuse.

“When victims need medical attention, they are brought to nurses first,” said Amy LeSuer, a lecturer in nursing at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College. “We help them before law enforcement officials can.”

Linda Frederick, M.A.

Lecturer in Mathematics
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August 31: 'Dance of the Planets' Astronomy Open House

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An image of the planet Venus.Ever wonder why Mercury and Venus are best seen just after sunset and just before sunrise? Why is it that other planets can only be observed during specific times a year?

While all planets circle the sun, their movements often change drastically. These movement patterns will be the topic of discussion when Open House Night in Astronomy returns to Penn State Behrend on Wednesday, Aug. 31.

Larson Texts Creates $500K Scholarship Fund for Penn State Behrend Students

Erie-based Larson Texts, one of the country’s top publishers of math textbooks, will provide $500,000 in scholarship funding to support students at Penn State Behrend beginning in 2017. Once fully funded, the scholarships – the first at the college designed primarily for math students – will award $5,000 to at least four students every year.