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History Minor

The 18-credit History minor is designed to complement a wide range of social studies and humanities majors by affording students the opportunity to examine change and development in human societies over time. Students are free to select courses in the topics, geographical areas, and time periods that most suit their needs and interests.

Supporting Courses and Related Areas (18 credits)
Select 12 credits of HIST courses.
Select 6 credits of 400-level HIST courses.

April 8: Psych Colloquium to Focus on Violent Video Games

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The next Psych Colloquium at Penn State Behrend will focus on the negative effects that can come from playing video games.The popularity of video games grows every day. The Global Games Industry Review expects the industry to be worth more than $100 million by 2017.

English Minor

The 18-credit English minor encourages students to take courses from each of the areas within the major: The Canon and Its Critics, Globality and Literature, and Cultural Studies, as well as courses in Creative Writing. By doing so, students will develop skills in writing and critical thinking  that will prove valuable in their later work experiences.

Communication Arts and Mass Media Minor

This 18-credit Communication Arts and Mass Media minor is designed to offer students the opportunity to balance a liberal arts foundation and orientation to communication with the media and production theory. This merger of technique will provide the skills necessary for supplementing career fields requiring effective oral, written and media production skills.

This minor is available to students in any major, but complements majors in management, marketing, education, sales, training and development, government, human resources, and development. 

April 14: Minority College Experience, Women in Science and Engineering Open House for High School Juniors

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student at microscopePenn State Erie, The Behrend College, will hold an information open house on Thursday, April 14, for its free college-prep summer programs, Minority College Experience (MCE) and Women in Science and Engineering (WISE).

High school juniors and their parents are invited to attend the information session, which begins at 7 p.m. in the second-floor auditorium of the Reed Union Building.

Sociology Minor

An 18-credit Sociology minor is available to students in any major, and it is a valuable addition to one’s personal ability to communicate in and outside of the workplace.

This minor is designed to allow undergraduate students to explore the wide range of topics, social groups, and social interactions studied by sociologists. From social inequities and social problems to the familiar institutions of family, school, religion, and government, the diversity of courses available allows sociology minors to explore courses relevant to their interests.

Alumni Bond Proves Valuable at Spring Career and Internship Fair

More than 850 students attended this year's Spring Career and Internship Fair at Penn State Behrend.Mackenzie Yoho had one goal going into this year’s spring Career and Internship Fair at Penn State Behrend.

“I’m really looking for a summer internship, something in the supply chain field,” the junior project and supply chain management major said. “I haven’t had an internship yet, so the pressure is on.”

April 7: Wendell Mayo, Creative Writers Reading Series

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Wendell Mayo will read Thursday, April 7, at Penn State BehrendWendell Mayo is not a native of Eastern Europe. He was born in Corpus Christi, Texas. But his repeated travels to Eastern Europe have provided him with a unique perspective of the region, a theme that emerges in his writing.