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College to Celebrate Life of Late Benefactor Kay Logan

The mural on the wall of Kay Hardesty Logan’s summer home is a tribute to the Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra, which launched Mrs. Logan’s career in music. The woman at its center is playing a flute solo.

Psychology Laboratory Guidelines

Psychology Laboratory Guidelines

Assistant Lab Coordinator - Rachel Mooney,

Experimenter Guidelines for Research Participation Pool

***As an experimenter, you have a responsibility to follow the participant pool guidelines carefully. Be sure to read them over and ask your research supervisor any questions that you may have before you begin running subjects.


Travel Reimbursement Policy

Travel Settlement

(The page heading links to the Travel Reimbursement Policy on GURU)

Policy Steward: Office of the Corporate Controller

Scholarly Funds FAQs


There will be two calls for proposals.

H&SS Endowment


Here is the final listing of the endowment grants awarded Spring semester, 2010.  (Funding was recommended by the Faculty Endowment Advisory Committee and/or by the School Director.):

Major Proposals:

Spring Break Course at Disney World

Spend Spring Break at Disney World and earn class credit!

Close up photo of disney castle