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March 16: Psych Colloquium to Focus on Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

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The Psych Colloquium Series returns Wednesday, March 16, to Penn State Behrend.When it comes to posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), there is no shortage of casualties. Husbands, wives and children often suffer while the PTSD victim tries to combat the disorder.

PSB Production Company

Our purpose is to provide Penn State Behrend communication majors with professional communication-related experience working with real clients.

Our mission is to contribute to the success of area non-profit organizations through the production of effective communication deliverables.

Political Science Newsletter- February 2016


April 5: Pittsburgh M.B.A. Admissions Information Session

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Pittsburgh M.B.A. graduatePenn State’s part-time Master of Business Administration degree program in Pittsburgh will host three spring events for prospective students.

March 22: Renee Romano, Reimagining the Humanities Series

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The Reimagining the Humanities Series returns March 22 to Penn State Behrend with a presentation from Renee Romano.In June 1964, three civil rights workers — James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner — were abducted and murdered in Mississippi. It would take 41 years for anyone to be charged with the crimes.

February 23: 'Pain, Passion, and Parturition' Psychology Colloquium

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"Pain, Passion, and Paturition" will be held Tuesday, Feb. 23, at Penn State Behrend.Headaches, toothaches, stomachaches… Pulled muscles, sprained ankles, broken limbs… everyone deals with acute pain at one time or another.

February 23: Nicolas Alstaedt to Perform in Music at Noon

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Nicolas Altstaedt will perform in Music at Noon: The Logan Series on Tuesday, Feb. 23.Cellist Nicolas Altstaedt prides himself on his versatility as an artist. It’s a trait that’s emblematic of all his concerts.