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Lake Effect, Spring 2015, Volume 19, Tina May Hall, "Full of Grace"

Tina May Hall, "Full of Grace"

We go to a boxing match in the warehouse district. Two boys bloody each other’s faces. Only when a latecomer opens the galvanized doors does a breeze flow in. Otherwise it is all sweat and dust and prepositional phrases. Back of the knee, under the arms, top of the lip. Salt and sweet aluminum deodorant smell. Expelled whiskey and cigar smoke and garlic and corn grease. A tooth flies out of the ring and lands at our feet.

Lake Effect, Spring 2015, Volume 19, Gary Fincke, from "What Was Good for You"

Gary Fincke, from "What Was Good for You"

From November to March, as soon as you and your older sister Vanessa climbed the stairs and entered your Grandma Ruth’s bedroom, you could always see your breath.  Through the next door was Aunt Sophia’s bedroom, where it was even colder.  That’s where the two of you slept every other Friday night while your mother took what she called her holiday, gradually getting warm in Aunt Sophia’s bed under a thick down comforter.

Lake Effect, Spring 2015, Volume 19, George Choundas, "Island Grace"

George Choundas, "Island Grace"      

Every fifteen minutes, on the island of Manhattan, a woman runs into me. Actually collides with me. Invariably each of these women, at the time of collision, is caught in a kind of fugue—gazing down, transfixed, her eyes awash in the Svengali colors of a device she cradles in one hand and nurtures with the other. A city of eight million people, and these women run into me.

Lake Effect, Spring 2014, Volume 18, Erin Pringle-Toungate, from "The Missing Time"

Erin Pringle-Toungate, from "The Missing Time"

Thomas comes home from searching. His clothes are damp from night and dark morning, fields, windbreaks and the howling of coyotes and hope. He doesn’t let go of his flashlight. He doesn’t intend to stay long. Long enough to eat, long enough to stand in front of the kitchen cabinet and then realize that he hasn’t opened it or taken down a bowl. Long enough to remember why he’s staring, why he has to go back out. Because Sam went walking. Now he must walk, too.

Lake Effect, Spring 2014, Volume 18, Jay Griswold, "Traveling"

Jay Griswold, "Traveling"

The great age of the trains was almost over.
The one he was on that night
Rattled like a cage, inside of which
A few passengers huddled, their few
Belongings clutched tightly in their laps.

Lake Effect, Spring 2014, Volume 18, Robert Gibb, Aubade

Robert Gibb, "Aubade"

Something’s in the air, the blur of wings
About the feeder, something almost liminal

Fluttering in the upper panes of glass,
The tussocks of the ornamental grasses

Fountaining again this year.  Already
This morning the Seventh Day Adventists

Have gathered next door, marking time
Against the apocalypse, its floating deadline.

Lake Effect, Spring 2014, Volume 18, Jenny Boully, "What I have been listening to lately"

Jenny Boully, "What I Have Been Listening to Lately"

Lately, I have been listening to Debbie sing; whenever it was time to sing, the other waitresses and I went to find Deborah, because Deborah was the only one who could sing.  We put a candle in the little birthday cake and brought it out to the customer whose birthday it was, and we sang Happy Birthday or rather Deborah sang Happy Birthday while we all stood in a row behind her. 

Penn State Behrend Funds $58K in Summer Research

Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, is funding nearly $58,000 in undergraduate research this summer. Forty-nine students will participate in the studies, working directly with faculty mentors.

Psychology students will continue a pilot program with the Cleveland Clinic, working with college athletes and a Wii gaming console to measure the long-term effects on memory and balance as athletes recover from concussions.