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October 6: Mark Brazaitis, Fiction Writer

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School of Humanities

Mark Brazaitis, Fiction Writer

Presented as part of the Smith Creative Writers Reading Series, sponsored by the Clarence A. and Eugenie Baumann Smith Fund. All readings are held at 6:00 p.m. in the Smith Chapel Worship Area (preceded by meet and greet receptions at 5:30 p.m. in Smith Chapel Living Room).

Mark Brazaitis, Fiction Writer

September 22: Adult Learner Open House

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Penn State Behrend  invites adults who are considering starting college or returning to their studies to attend an admissions open house on Thursday, Sept. 22.

The open house will begin at 5:30 p.m. with an exhibit fair in the college’s Science Complex. Seminars on adult learner services, admissions and financial aid will follow.

Representatives from student support offices, including Admissions, the Academic and Career Planning Center and Veterans Affairs, will be available to meet with prospective students.

Lake Effect, Volume 20

Lake Effect

Volume 20
Spring 2016

Cover of Lake Effect Vol. 20



Kelly Armor

Lecturer in Music (part-time)
Office Location: 
Jordan Rd Pod
(814) 898 6980

John Trucilla, J.D.

Lecturer in Political Science (part-time)
Office Location: 
CH Annex 1, Office #6
(814) 898 7014

Matthew Szczesny, M.A.

Lecturer in Religious Studies (part-time)
Office Location: 
1 Reed Building
(814) 898 6504

Sheila Sterrett, M.P.A.

Lecturer in Political Science (part-time)
Office Location: 
CH Annex 1, Office #2
(814) 898 6278

Tressa Snoke, M.Ed.

Lecturer in Education (part-time)
Office Location: 
#9 CH Annex 1
(814) 898 7013

Molly Lang, Ph.D.

Lecturer in Sociology (part-time)
Office Location: 
(814) 898 6297

Lisa Ciecierski, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Language and Literacy Education
Office Location: 
161 Kochel
(814) 898 6069